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  • Legolas

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  • Es

    I think alot of it was settling on both sides....there isnt much choice and especially here in Melbourne where they would counsel you coz of visiting other congos to meet new people. It was tough for some. In Australia in some states if you not married by 18 your considered on the shelf and never got a look in. I know or did know alot of single Males and Females say 28 and over still looking.


  • Jamelle

    I grew up in a cong with lots of young people. Well, for the longest time there were like 12 girls my age and 3 boys. One of the boys wasn't attractive at all. But all 3 of those boys were chased like you wouldn't believe. Or maybe you would.

    Every girl I grew up with was married long ago. A few before they graduated from high school. When I was still hearing cong gossip (while I was still just fading) I was hearing that many of these marraiges weren't going so well. Surprise, surprise! Imagine that?

    Girls/women have a 2nd class status in the JW faith - it isn't any wonder that they are often almost pathetically glad to find a man to "claim them". Not all girls were this way - but most of them I grew up with definitely were.

    On the flip side, most of the boys - and as I got older there were more boys in the cong - waited until they were much older to marry. And they wouldn't marry someone their age, they would marry someone much younger.

    I had a small crush on a guy that was 6 years older than me. Thought he would never consider me because I was so young. Ha! He married one of my little sister's friends. He was 31, she was 17! YUCK!

  • jgnat

    I've seen it, too. The dresses are legal, but tailored to show off her assets to their maximum potential, if you know what I mean. Do JW girls know about water bras? I figure this is the answer, based on the eligible female-to-male ratio:

    Or are these guys just the only option open to these girls so they take what they can get?

    If a girl doesn't snag a JW boy on the first round, she's hooped. There are a couple of such ladies at our hall. They are univerally admired for their spirituality and their patience, "waiting on Jehovah" for the right match. On the other hand, they have no status and no purpose other than pioneering. The eligible prospects are few and far between, and the opportunities to socialize (3-4 times a year) next to none.

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