Watchtower to sell many presses - who gets the money?

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  • Dogpatch

    While Jehovah's Witnesses all over the world are out of work, or wondering where their next meal might come from, or ravished from the results of devastating hurricanes, the Watchtower Society has taken the contributions from the very pockets of their own members and are now selling the very equipment that their faithful members contributed for. If the equipment listed below is still in "good technical condition" as the offer describes, then why is it being sold? Why was "new" equipment purchased if this equipment is still in good working order? Why are Jehovah's Witness members asked to dig deep when the luxury of the Watchtower seems to go un-watched by their members? When this equipment is sold, will the proceeds go back to assist poor homeless JW members to find shelter? Food, clothing? Will it go to help pay for even one member's heating bill for the new year of 2006? Buy diapers for that sister who is in need for her baby? NOT LIKELY! Scroll down to the last paragraph: FOR SALE : From our bookbindery we can offer as owner: 1) Müller Martini 201 gathering machine, 27 pockets, 1986, Price: Euro 42.000 ex site. 2) Smyth sewing machine 150 4D, 1991, Price: Euro 35.000 ex site. 3) Smyth sewing machine 180 4D, 1993, Price: Euro 38.000 ex site. 5) Smyth sewing machine 180 4D, 1994, Price: Euro 40.000 ex site. 6) Hörauf BDM 20, 1990 , reconditioned, excellent, Price: Euro 110.000 ex site. 7) Kolbus PE 70, 1991, Price: Euro 49.000 ex site. 8) Kolbus KS 976, 1981, Price: Euro 19.000 ex site. Digital photos on request. All machines are in very good technical condition and could be seen in production. We offer these machines to the market because we decided to concentrate our worldwide production of hard cover books at one production plant. If you need any further information please contact: Günther Gaulke, Wachtturm Gesellschaft, Am Steinfels, 65618 Selters, Tel: 0049 6483 412335, Fax: 0049 6483 412300, Email: [email protected] 16MAR05

  • Leolaia

    Could they really be broke?

  • MidwichCuckoo

    They 'acquired' them through charitable means, morally they should donate them to same (or the proceeds from them).

    Is this a trick question Dogpatch? Is the answer, 'defence barristers'?

  • Honesty


  • Finally-Free

    Maybe it's to cover some of their legal costs. Any new molestation cases coming up?


  • blondie
    decided to concentrate our worldwide production of hard cover books at one production plant.

    This is in German but a similar thing happened in the US. First, the WTS is producing fewer hardcover books; even the NWT is going softcover except for a few special orders. In the US, the printing facilities were moved to Wallkill and additional buildings were put up. I can see the WTS reasoning in both the US and Germany that it was more cost-effective to buy new machines and have them delivered to the new location rather than move the older machines. Not that I agree.

    The WTS has moved the printing out of France to Britain. I wonder what the future is of the French Bethel, how has it been downsized?

    If it is a choice of an individual JW dying from hunger and another WT being printed to lie in the back of some JW's closet, you know what the choice will be. Notice how it is WTS publications not Bibles that are smuggled in.

    they managed to smuggle in a regular supply of literature,

    In it, they hid original copies of some publications that were smuggled into prison

    The brothers even managed to smuggle literature into prisons. In 1958, they began to produce photographic miniatures of The Watchtower

    The WTS has its priorities straight, not!


  • TopHat

    Actually, I think they are getting ready to call it a DAY! They see the writing on the wall and their days are numbered. Little by little the WTS is closing the store. To many false prophet doctrines and householders are just not going for the bait anymore, members are dropping out like flys.

    I could see it clearly when they announced a monthly ONLY Awake mag.

  • metatron

    Where's the book and literature production in Europe gone? When they downsized Brooklyn, some stuff was sent off to other

    countries - so what's the deal with Germany?

    I do wonder if they are resigned to a death spiral on literature! Paperback Bibles, most hardbound stuff gone,

    presses idle, presses sold off, Brooklyn printing downsized, one Awake a month, subscriptions gone, some Awake

    language printing reduced.........

    What would they do if nearly all contributions ceased? What purpose would they have? How would they

    spend the Society's assets? These questions aren't far-fetched anymore.


  • Soledad

    When I hear of things like this, the most interesting part for me will be if and when they make the announcement to the rank & file members about WTS activity! They put such a spin on things.....

    For instance when the donation only policy was implemented-----noone was told that it was because of a court case that an Evangelist lost! And I remember what a big hoopla was created a couple of weeks before the actual announcement----the elders from the platform: "please be sure to attend the meeting on Sunday March xx for an important letter that will be read for all the congregations in the US. contact any relatives and friends who have not attended in a while and let them know that it is imperative that they attend on that day." My mother called every single person she knew!! The JWs are such robots.

  • Gerard

    The printing technology has improved drastically over the last few decades. As a bussines and one of the world's largest printing corporations, the WT has to modernize its money-making machines and it is standardizing to LITHOMAN exclusively for "cost effectiveness".

    Remember that in 2003 the WT received several presslines worth "in the middle of tens of million Euros" so they are now selling some of their old presslines. Watchtower Society orders seven LITHOMAN presslines from MAN Roland

    February 10, 2003 -- The international religious organization Jehovah's Witnesses has recently ordered seven LITHOMAN presslines from MAN Roland ( Web Site Related Articles ), to be installed in its printing plants in England, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Japan (one press each) and the USA (two presses). Delivery of the order running in the middle of tens of million Euros are expected to take place from July 2003.

    Almost 80 years of cooperation between Watchtower and MAN Roland

    With the biggest single order of this customer to date, MAN Roland continues the series of international successes in its cooperation with the Watchtower Society over a period of nearly eighty years by now: in 1927, Watchtower USA ordered the first letterpress machine from MAN Roland. A second press followed in 1929. By 1976, about 30 MAN Roland presses had been installed in the United States alone. This made Watchtower the biggest customer worldwide for MAN Roland at that time.

    Watchtower production now standardized worldwide with LITHOMAN

    Since 1984, Watchtower in Italy and the US has been working with a total of five 32-page LITHOMAN presslines. The positive experience with these machines has now led to the decision to use this press type worldwide. That means printing quality on the highest level worldwide. The new, single-web systems in 64-page configuration operate at speeds up to 45,000 cylinder revolutions per hour and with a web width of 1,480 millimetres. They are uniformly equipped with 2:5:5 folder.

    Publications with multimillion circulations

    In future, the new Watchtower LITHOMAN presses will be producing a large propoprtion of the high-circulation publications such as The Watchtower with a circulation of just under 25 million copies in 146 languages and Awake with a momentary circulation of 22 million copies in 86 languages. In addition, the machines are intended for use in the production of bibles or books of biblical exegesis, each in multimillion circulation.

    More capacity and quality, positive synergies

    The new LITHOMAN presses markedly reduce the age average of the Watchtower machinery, thus considerably increasing overall productivity. Another important advantage will result from the close cooperation of the individual Watchtower printing plants, which produce largely the same products. When production will eventually be run on presses of the same type, Watchtower will benefit further because of synergies such as positive cost effects.

    Apart from a substantial capacity increase, Watchtower expects maximum availability and reliability, high net output, excellent printing quality and high efficiency to result from the new LITHOMAN machinery, while it looks forward to continuing and intensifying the cooperation with MAN Roland as its partner in printing and press technology.

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