I'm so bummed...

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  • forsharry

    Took my firefighter Physical Agility Test today. Got to the second part, the hose pull...and then crashed and burned. Talk about supremely disappointing. I was so close to getting the nozzel up over the bar, and then it would have been clear sailing so to speak...but the gloves they gave me to use were so big that I couldn't get a proper grip on the rope let alone cinch it enough to pull the nozzle over. Anyway...I failed...couldn't do the other parts of the test that I would have been able to pass with flying colors on and all I got to do was climb a 75 foot ladder.

    I really wanted to do this...it was a firefighter/EMT job...I'm trying to be practical about it, but I never fail...or I never allow myself to...and I fought with that rope till my time was up too. Just a very much bad disappointment. :(

    I'm guessing the meds are working pretty well, cause so far so good...I don't feel like my life is over because of this (the old-Sharry would have) and I don't want to die or give up or anything...I was just looking to get into a new field because I'm burned out doing design work for the newspapers around here and there isn't any real advertising agencies where I'm at. I want to keep moving in the direction of getting out of my job...but I just don't know where to go now...sigh.

    I'll have another chance, maybe, to retake the test in january (that has not been decided yet.) And I'd like to try it again, but i'm not sure if I could take a twice fail yanno?

    I'm sorry that I'm babbling here...i just wanted to get this off my chest. Thanks for reading.

    Forsharry of the "I thought I could, I thought I could" Class

  • Dune

    Sorry to hear that. I'm not sure if i can really say its the same thing. But i failed my Drivers license test on Saturday,sulked around on sunday, took it again on Monday and passed.

    You have a month to hone your skills. I dont know you personally, but it sounds like you really want to get into the field. So, i suggest you go over the things that you feel that you are weak in/need a little more practice in and just... do it. I dont know how it is in ecuador, but in the US the firemen look pretty bored between fires, i bet they'd be happy to help you out. You have an advantage because you know what to expect. They wont get you next time

  • under74

    ah, sharry...we all fail at things now and then. If this is really something you want to do you'll try again. And even if it doesn't turn out you'll chuck it up to experience. That's a really good experience! How many of us go through that kind of test? At least you had the guts to try for it in the first place.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Sorry Sharry!

    I remember one particular job interview that I really blew. It wasn't quite like yours where you were good on all but one area. I absolutely blew it, so badly in fact that I assumed Jehovah MADE me blow it because it was a bad job to get. (I actually thanked him at the time! LOL!) Hang in there, everybody blows an interview/test sometime. Maybe you got yours out of the way?

    Sucks about the gloves. Can that be fixed for next time? Bring your own, or request a better-fitting pair?


  • forsharry

    Thanks! Yeah I guess that is true...what really stunk was I was the only woman and I was the first one to go! AAAAAHHH! No pressure. On a good note, I know that I'm not afraid of heights, and that I can pull about 50lbs from three stories for about 7 minutes before my arms give out from muscle fatigue.

  • Gretchen956

    Sharry, sounds like you could do it, you just had faulty equipment. Don't give up! You have a month to find a pair of gloves that fit you!

    You go girl!!!


  • forsharry

    Almost Atheist -

    Not sure about the gloves thing. I do know that they had given me the smallest pair, but if I do go back for another go at this I will be bringing my own gloves if I'm allowed. It wasn't the thing that caused me to fail solely, but it's hard to keep ahold of a ladder or rope when the weight is literally stripping the gloves off of your hands. what a pain. I did make sure to voice my complaint as i huffed and puffed through the 10 minute torture. ;)

    that's what my mom says...that if it's meant to be it will be...maybe this isn't the exact direction I should be taking...maybe I should just go back to school and do solely paramedic versus being a dual firefighter/medic. who knows...that's where the true bumminess comes in cause it's like...well Sh!t...now what do I do?

  • confused_101

    Rock on Chica! You are a buff girl, you gave it a good go and it didn't work out. I'm sorry that you are feeling blue. I'm sure that you will be able to kick some serious ass next time. And what's up with making the girl go first? Boys suck (jk, I love my fella) (ok I love him most of the time). Any way, better luck next time and if by some chance it doesn't work out again I hope that you are able to find a job that truly makes you happy.

  • under74

    sharry'll figure out everything. Sheesh she actually had the guts to go out for something like that.
    BUT conf 101...it is perplexing that she was the only female and forced to go first. It's kinda like that made for tv movie years back with Nacy McKeon...or whatever her name was--Jo from Facts of Life--she's trying to become a firefighter and is not only made a spectacle of but is given harder tests than the men. Uh, sorry I brought that up....it wasn't a good movie even for made for tv Lifetime standards.

  • forsharry

    thanks for your votes of confidence...I really appreciate them...as far as me going first? I have no earthly idea why...but everyone seemed nice about it and were bummed that I failed that part...or at least they came across that I wasn't a wimpy girl kind of thing. I was very nervous about going first though...I would have liked to have seen another person go through the ropes so to speak before going myself...but at least now I know what the first two tests are...I guess it means more push ups for me. (ARGH.) it's frustrating...I have a lot of leg strength and very strong core...my arms are strong too, to a degree...but I saw that if I don't get it very quickly, the fatigue sets in and it was downhill from there...

    ah well. I'll just have to find another road to go down...but not today. Today I think I'm going to lick my wounds and cry in my beer. ;)

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