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  • Ms. Whip
    Ms. Whip

    In a Harvard University Humor Study, Midgets and Dwarves ranked highest in the "funniest group of people" rating...a whopping 96% approval. The study involved thousands of interviews of people across the country with the purpose of determining the most amusing categories of humans. “Midgets and dwarves topped the list because they appeal to an inherent desire of tall people,” said Dr. Nathaniel Neville III, the head of the committee. “A desire to see midgets and dwarves dancing around in funny costumes.”

    Top 10 Funniest Things Midgets and Dwarves Do
    Source: Harvard University Humor Committee, 2001
    1. Wear children's clothing6. Try to jump to get things held up high by tall people
    2. Fight each other7. Fight tall people
    3. Dance8. Dress like tall people
    4. Impersonate tall celebrities9. Stand
    5. Play basketball10. Climb onto chairs for tall people

    Monkeys are funny because they are monkeys!!!

    Q: How dumb do you have to be to be considered retarded?

  • lonelysheep

    Q: How dumb do you have to be to be considered retarded?
    Ask my in-laws! Is anyone at work today? (Side note-I saw Morris Day perform last summer...still doing his thing.)

  • under74

    "anyone at work today?"
    I will be later today.
    Q: Why is it Hud doesn't get any credit as one of the great american films?
    lS- glad to hear Morris Day is alive and kickin'...or at least doing shows.

  • mrsjones5

    Morris Day had a group in the 80's called the Time.

    I hear he's still touring.

  • lonelysheep

    He opened for Prince when I saw him. Loved every second of the show!

    Who else is as broke as me right now?!

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