Rebellious angels.....why were they men and not women?

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  • gumby

    When Jehovahs angels went ballistic before the flood.....for some reason these angels were only males who wanted all the hot babes on earth. None of the angels decided to become a girl that went after all the dudes with nice fannys on earth. How come?

    How was it that every angel who went bad became a male?

    And....why was it that every offspring of (the Nephelim)......was a male? They produced no girls.


  • blondie

    Because women had no status and no power on earth then...even less then they do now. Women were still being "given" in marriage as if they were property.


  • gumby

    Mornin Blondie

    Women had no status is certainly correct. This pic shows this to be true

  • tetrapod.sapien

    oh yeah!! could you imagine a nephalim babe?! that would be freaky-wild man!! yoweee!

    i also have nothing against succubus, but all my prayers to satan and the legions of the pit for any sign that they exist go, like jehovah, unanswered. i mean, i guy like me could use a little succubus action. i think i could handle a demon babe.

    alright, that's nice. okay, so hey gumby, i bet i am about 3 ahead of you already today.... 4 if you count from midnight.... heh heh heh...


  • under74

    I have no idea...I've wondered though. When I was growing up a JW I viewed all angles and anything else in heaven as being male. Maybe the writers of the bible were trying to balance things?? Okay, I doubt that. I mean there was Jezabel and Delilah and other wicked women. But they were earth people. I don't think women were really considered angel characters during the period the Bible's books were being written.

    Like I said...I have know idea. Just throwing out some thoughts.

  • daystar


    Most of that sort of thing, as has been noted, is due to the the patriarchical tone of the past few thousand years.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    What confuses me (and it doesn't take much), is that the angels were created unable to reproduce, so when they 'materialised' they somehow managed to create for themselves a human ability....if you get what I mean.....

  • Narkissos
  • Finally-Free

    Gumby, you are still entrapped in watchtower thinking. I'm sure some of these rebellious angels were hot babes too, and now there are hot female demons. These demonesses still come around looking for sex. The elders just want this to remain a secret because they want all the action for themselves. Bastards!


  • gumby

    Narkster,...not much is said in the "bible" however about nasty wild women such as Lilith. Where in the bible is she a 'she'?

    Isaiah 34:14

    Wildcats shall meet with hyenas,

    goat-demons shall call to each other;

    there too Lilith shall repose,

    and find a place to rest.

    There shall the owl nest

    and lay and hatch and brood in its shadow


    Doncha know the angels were also creators? These angels were able to produce sperm with a dna and the whole nine yards!

    Gumby*who can't figure out why the hell he can't correct the large bold format*


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