A letter to your parents....

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  • telltruth

    I often wonder how a person feels inside when they see their own child in pain. Does it feel as though your heart might stop beating? Does it cause you try cry out to God for mercy? Does it make you angry, desperate or fill your with an overwhelming Need to take action? I wish for just a few minutes i could put on your heart and look through your eyes as she stands before you bleeding time and again. I need to know how it sounds in your head when you say nothing, not even a single word. What good news do YOU spread door to door knowing your child's blood is dripping on the floor. I want to feel that warm feeling you must have each and every time you look into the beautiful eyes of your child and threaten to tell the elders if she speaks out. I want you to know that she loves you.

  • Gretchen956

    Wow. Powerful stuff.


  • Confession


    (gulp) So sorry to read your post, dear. I can only assume this is (or has been) your experience.

    My Love,


  • Finally-Free

    It's been a long time since I've read such a moving post.

    I'm sorry for your pain.


  • telltruth

    to clarify.... this is the first part of a letter (a work in progress) that i may or may not send to my friends parents. i am trying very hard not to misplace my anger as i understand they too are victims of the WTS. however i feel the need to perhaps light a spark of parental care or concern dare i say love for ones own child. (daughter in this case) i know i am the only one outside of the JW environment that she has. i have spoken with her about the need to seek help, ask for it when you need it, get me one the phone if you feel as though you are going to harm yourself and we will talk through it. she has actually done this. called at a low point and i immediately asked if she was alone....."no, my parents are here- they just say nothing..they don't understand" needless to say i have encouraged and emplored her to seek help. i can't just take action myself (believe me i want to) as self-injury is a very complicated issue involving massive trust just to speak of it. i have begun to educate myself on the subject since it was brought to my attention. there is progress. i am just at a loss as to how to reach out and touch the heart of her parents, perhaps light a spark of compassion in them for their daughter. without causing trouble for her. this hurts so much. suggestions?????.....thank you.....telltruth

  • skyman

    I like your start of the letter. But I'll be blant as soon as they figure out what the letter is about they will stop reading it and get rid of it. They'll just think it is a badge to wear and be proud that they are being p ersecuted for GOD's sake.

    Send it anyway's you never know.

  • Candlestick02

    Wow, I can't imagine what you're going through. Honestly, I looked you up cause I hadn't seen you post in a while, and I feel a certain motherly attitude when I hear of ones that are trying to understand this whole JW stuff -- while being on the outside.

    I will pray that your love and support helps your friend through this most difficult ordeal. She's SO lucky to have you there.

    You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.


  • telltruth

    thank you for your words. it's hard knowing that this is by no means an isolated case. the wts has and continues to wreck this kind of havoc on hundreds of thousands of families and individuals.(i realize that "individual" does not register in their mindset) i know that if i ever send a letter like that, even annonymously; to her parents.. not only would they probably ignore it away, they would also have no trouble giving her @#$% for it. i think back to some of the advice i was given when i first starting posting here ( run away!!! this will just hurt you,!!!!etc) and although i can admit to wanting to do that at times, how can i as a human being not continue to at least try? i feel lousy that i have even entertained thoughts of giving up, but at the same time i remain strong(i think) and positive that there is always hope........telltruth

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