Service Meeting for Week beginning December 5, 2005

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Song 38 Displacing Loyalty

    10 min: Local announce mentos.

    15 min: Local needs. Another talk berating the congregation for watching Harry Potter Movies and other horrible crimes against the Society. Please do not address the serious matters of divisive gossip or neglect of the needy.

    20 min: "What Our Millennium Accomplishes." * When considering paragraph 5, include comments you wrote in the margins of the February 15, 2004, Watchtower on page 32 when you were bored during the Watchtower study that day. (include coments on the pictures you disfigured with moustaches and beards)

    Song 32 From Horse to Horse and concluding prayer.

    * Limit introductory comments to less than an hour and twenty minutes, and follow with a question-and-answer dementia.

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