Service Meeting for Week beginning December 5, 2005

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  • TheListener

    Song 38

    10 min: Local announcements.

    15 min: Local needs.

    20 min: "What Our Ministry Accomplishes." * When considering paragraph 5, include comments on the February 15, 2004, Watchtower, page 32.

    Song 32 and concluding prayer.

    * Limit introductory comments to less than a minute, and follow with a question-and-answer discussion.

  • daniel-p

    "What Our Ministry Accomplishes"

    I actually used to think that just because a householder said "Oh no, those blasted Jehovah's Witnesses again..." I had gave a witness? Because they said JEHOVAH. THey were actually PRAISING his name! OMG... I was an idiot.

  • luna2

    I don't think you were an idiot, daniel-p. That's the sort of thing we were encouraged with. "Even if no one answers a door for the entire two hours you are out pounding the pavement, being out in the glorious ministry still accomplishes something beneficial because people driving down the street or hiding in their houses waiting for you to get lost know that Jehoober's peoples were trying to spread the splendiforous good news of the kingdom." Phhhhttttt

    They also used to say that even if there was no success getting studies, that we were still helping to do the valuable separating (sheeps/goats) work. Guess that's not the case any more...another area where Jehoohaa either changed his mind or GB screwed up again.

  • bennyk

    And note how they grant 15 minutes to IGNORE any and all significant local needs, and rant about something insignificant and meaningless. (At least, so it was in our former congregation.)

  • misspeaches

    Oh a local needs this week hey! An opportunity to give a marking talk or if someone has left the org later a chance to tell the congregation why they left... Or perhaps a brothers get out your wallets and give us more money sermon.

    They won't change.

  • M.J.

    My wife kept going on after the mtg. about all the great things the FS accomplishes for JWs and for Jehovah, spiritually, blah blah...

    Think of any other corporation that can make people feel good about trying to sell something all day long with no buyers.

  • yaddayadda

    Wow, it looks so exciting and joyful...can't wait to get to that meeting.

  • atypical

    Our local needs ( I was not there, but my wife was) was on communication. The brother talked the entire time about the dangers of teenagers using their phones to text message each other.

    Spiritual Food?!

  • blondie
    The brother talked the entire time about the dangers of teenagers using their phones to text message each other.

    They talked about this at a convention about 3 years ago, the last one we went to. We are so technologically backward, we could figure out how teenagers sitting with their parents could use their phone without the parents seeing them. Do teenagers sit with their parents any more?


  • jgnat

    The kids with uber-JW's do. But I always see a flock of teens in the upper bleachers. Once in a while I'd catch a flash of binoculars. One of our congregation biddies complained to me that they should be with their parents. "But there they are.." I started to say, and she cut me off. And repeated that they should be with their parents. Harrumph.

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