The dubs' public shunning is so dumb!

by ozziepost 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Pistoff

    ""treat you like a month-old haggis"" Hehe, does this mean you will get drinkable solvent poured on you and eaten??

  • ozziepost


    They love to hate us

    That's the feeling I get too.

    But doing it in a public place seems bizarre. Here they are in a mall, say two amongst thousands gathered there for their shopping and they tturn the face to one other person!!!

  • PoppyR

    I had lunch today with one of my old JW friends and was talking to her about her brother who is long time disfellowshipped (ie 15 years). I had seen him out and had a chat with him. She said how wrong I was and how he would never come back etc.. so I asked her if her son (now 13) was disfellowshipped would she walk past him in the street and ignore him, and she said yes she would because it was the only way he would return... I just dont get why they dont see, the way to get someone to return is to make them feel loved and welcome!! I How wrong it is to treat people that we once loved and were close to as WORSE than ones we dont even know.. And I'm ashamed of myself for once acting like this myself. However I think it's totally not right to try and embarass the dubs into speaking to you, after all you were once there, you know why they're doing it, many of them dont enjoy it any more than you do, they just think it's the right thing to do!!


  • heathen

    You can always get a T-shirt at the mall that says , I know the WTBTS was an NGO in the UN . Have a picture of a drunk lady and seven headed beast somewhere just like the publications ......

  • Honesty
    Doesn't the shunning make you thirst for the sweet, loving fellowship of the Worldwide Brotherhood?

    I just can't wait to get back, Dave. I miss all the loving brothers and sisters who are upholding the FDS's Jehovah's righteous standards by shunning me because I discovered the UN/NGO Connection, the Bulgarian Blood deal, the flip flopping doctrines, etc. Oh well, when I finally can slither back in after meeting several times with the mature brothers to be sure I don't continue harboring my apostate ideas I am sure the whole association of brothers are going to be overjoyed that I have been worshipping Jesus since I returned my ticket to the Watchtower Paradise Express.

  • ozziepost
    I finally can slither back in after meeting several times with the mature brothers to be sure I don't continue harboring my apostate ideas

    and this after attending meetings for a year or so where no-one will speak to you!

    Of course, once the elders agree to let people speak to you, you'll be on "restrictions" for at least a year!!!

    Can't wait.

  • Soledad
    I have a fantasy now about seening dubs I know and walking up to them and giving a big hug and asking how things are, and "its been so long".

    Oh I've done that! It's really funny seeing them turn all beet-red, laugh nervously and stutter because they don't know what to say or how to act! I could barely keep a straight face! They all just went along with it like nothing happened at all

  • limbogirl

    "For the JW this makes them feel special, important. Most of them could never hold a truly responsible position in the real world, so they've created their own. When you think about it, theirs is a very sad existence." THIS IS SO TRUE!!! I've always thought that JW-world gives people that would never have a chance at real leadership or power the ability to have those things....specifically the elders. I'm still amazed and appalled that my parents and JW acquaintances seek advice and guidance from men who aren't trained to dispense any life advice or provide any relevant perspective. my two cents.

  • Golf

    Finallyfree, I enjoyed your comments. How true it is that many could not hold down responsible positions in the world.


  • Insomniac

    A couple of elders (whom I've known for years) were walking past me about a month ago; I was standing on the sidewalk in front of my shop, chatting with a friend and said a pleasant hello as they approached. They got these haughty looks on their faces and made a big point of looking disdainful as they walked past us. So I winked, blew a kiss at the one closest to me, and said in a loud voice, "hey baby, how come you don't call me no more?" The looks on their faces were priceless! This seems to be the best defense, to refuse to be cowed and refuse to play by the rules they've set; hopefully, they may realize how silly this whole shunning business makes them look.

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