The dubs' public shunning is so dumb!

by ozziepost 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • ozziepost

    It's been many years now that it might have had any relevance but nowadays when I enter our local shopping mall, I still manage to get shunned!

    It got me thinking, don't they see how stupid they look?

    Look, the dubs are a minority, for heaven's sake! It's they who should feel like skulking around the mall, but now at least I've joined the majority! I can stride through a mall like anybody else in our community, but the dubs? Well, they must feel threatened, what with being such a minority and all.

    Yet there they are, behaving as if they controlled things!

    They're weird.

    Really, what is the point in public shunning? It's clearly just an outlet for dubbie revenge.

  • Golf

    Ozzzie, yes indeed weird! And this from a people who suppose to imitate their Master, Jesus. Hmmmmmm, didn't the Pharisees associate Jesus with drunkards and prostitutes?


  • IP_SEC

    I have a fantasy now about seening dubs I know and walking up to them and giving a big hug and asking how things are, and "its been so long".

    That way if they shun me in public they look even stoopider.

  • Golf

    Try it IP_SEC and get back to us. I would love to see the look on their face.


  • Scully
    I have a fantasy now about seening dubs I know and walking up to them and giving a big hug and asking how things are, and "its been so long".

    Do try it. I can vouch for its therapeutic value. It's even funnier watching them look as though someone's just flung poo on them... they can't get away fast enough.

  • Crumpet

    How I wish I had the opportunity to do some anti shunning like that scully - i take it you've had some experience of using love against their hate.

    golf - yeah jesus hung out with call girls and thieves, but JWs are just so much better than jesus dontcha know!

  • Golf

    yeah crumpet, who's got the blinders on? What did Jesus call the Pharisees? You know.


  • Crumpet

    ooooh it feels like i'm in the playground now - just need defd to come along and let us know his daddy is bigger and better than ours and if we disagree he'll come beat up our daddy!

  • AlmostAtheist

    You're not thinking as a spiritual man, Oz. Don't you realize that when you get shunned, it's an act of love? Those shunners will continue to turn a cold shoulder to you and treat you like a month-old haggis found hiding behind the toaster oven and you will EVENTUALLY come to realize that you should return!

    Doesn't the shunning make you thirst for the sweet, loving fellowship of the Worldwide Brotherhood?

    Just a little?

    (Yeah, me neither!)

    It reminds me of the "cooties" game played by children. Ozzie's got cooties, Ozzie's got cooties!


  • Finally-Free

    I've long been of the opinion that JWs thrive on having someone to look down on. This is the core of the JW being - their reason for living. That is why they believe that everyone in the world must die at armageddon, and only they will survive. Their teachings are filled with condemnations for the world, it's governments, religions, businesses, media, education, and pretty much everything that isn't controlled by the watchtower society. Within the congregations people look down on those who are "weak" or are having other problems. There are social circles in the congregation you cannot penetrate unless you have a title. Disfellowshipping is yet another method for the watchtower to create another class of people they can look down upon, and of course, those they brand as "apostate" are considered the lowest of the low. They love to hate us. It makes them feel special.

    For the JW this makes them feel special, important. Most of them could never hold a truly responsible position in the real world, so they've created their own. When you think about it, theirs is a very sad existence.


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