I need help with a discussion with my parents!

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    o wrote a 4 paragraph post before on this but my dsl is flickering like the new light. lol in short get into the teaching that jesus did an inspection of all religions from 1914-1918 and choose the wt as the fds in 1919 after cleansening them in 1919 . they will agree with this doctrine. then tell you jw family you like to follow the bible to PROVE ALL THINGS TRUE... OFFER TO HAVE A STUDY ONLY ON ORGINAL WT BOOKS OR MAG'S OF THAT TIME. SO YOU CAN FEEL AS GREAT AS JESUS DID AFTER HIS 4 YEAR INSPECTION. THERE ARE MANY TWISTS ON THIS. BUT HOLD TO YOUR POINT TO PROVE ALL THINGS TRUE. no jw will every study this stuff with you. long story short. you have proven them believers in a doctrine they can't back up. johyn

  • Carmel

    Don't keep us in suspense! HOw did it turn out??


  • jwfacts

    Its not till monday, so i have the whole weekend to prepare.

    I like the idea of discussing 1919.

    Who was the f&D slave during the last 1900 years? No idea. How about Russell, yes, he was wrong but Jesus did not clean his temple till 1919. So if it was cleaned in 1919 why were they still teaching all the wrong time prophecies in 1930, idolising pyramids, using crosses and eating blood. Why were they still idolatrously worshipping Jesus until the 1950's?

    I hold out no great hope, but at least I tried. If it does not work this time, I will make it the last one and move on. I am scared to think of how my parents would cope with being 60, and having to build a new life. OzziePost gave me hope to see how he has made a success of his life since moving on. If they do leave the first thing I will do is try to get them to join his Charity fund, Mum has always wanted to help others in a real way, and I am sure she would be a charity worker if not a JW.

  • blondie

    You can't build on general faults of the WTS if they don't acknowledge them. But watch for times they are rattled by the lies and sins of fellow JWs and nothing is done; especially when those lies and sins specifically hurt them. It will give them something to think about.

    It took ten years for us, but eventually enough crap piled up that we couldn't step over it any more.


  • Annointed2

    Thanks for welcoming me. Sometimes it just helps to see that you are not the only out here going through this all by yourself.

  • glitter

    I really like bringing up the Mediator issue. I've yet to come across a JW who knows that, according to the WTS, Jesus isn't their Mediator. (including out dear defd)

    I showed an almost-JW proof in a publication and she actually slapped her hand to her mouth when she got to the actual sentence. (Worldwide Security Under the Prince of Peace - and some WT articles; see Quotes site)

    I find this particularly awful (but useful!!) because it's *directly* and undeniably against the Bible, and also because (it seems) no JWs even realise they don't have this relationship with Jesus.

  • ozziepost
    I've yet to come across a JW who knows that, according to the WTS, Jesus isn't their Mediator

    Yes, how true!

    It was this point that actually led Mrs Ozzie to see the WTS for what it is, standing in the place of Christ.

    She left soon after she learned it.


    Remember the story about the "Emperor's New Clothes" and the young boy who was untainted and saw the situation for what it really was?

    Before we resigned from the Org. (after 30+ yrs). We approached the elders with a open mind saying - if you can answer our questions according to bible truths, we will not resign, on the otherhand if you cannot satisfy our questions we have no alternative but to leave the Org. In other words the Real Truth should be able to defend intself.

    Unfortunately, your parents are not like the young boy in the story and it all may take a bit longer for them to accept the Real Truth.

    Best wishes for Monday



    Welcome Annointed2

    We look forward to hearing more from you

  • Golf

    JWfacts, my wife had these can-openers and its' a problem opening cans, believe me. Soooooooo, I went to buy her a heavy duty can-opener which cost around $20.00 and everytime she uses it, she's in her glory, piece of cake.

    Opening the minds of your parents is going to take some heavy duty religious eye opener,hmmmmmmmmmm. (How about getting them drunk and then have a discussion? You'd be surprise what people do and say under the influence of alcoholic 'spirits') Just injecting a little humor here, you have to excuse me.

    This will be an interesting challenge. I wish you the best and like you say. "I plan to run the meeting likes a sales call."


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