Let's write a short [or long] story....

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    one line at a time. No vulgarity please - take the story wherever you want to.

    Jane was a brilliant spokeswoman for the council, and as she prepared to step to the podium a surprising flash of light caught her left eye.

  • existentialist

    What she thought was Jehovah was simply a gleam from a passing car window. "oh well," she said to the members in the room,"a girl can dream can't she?"

  • Cori

    She began her long and winding speech, but not before sipping on a glass of water.


    Only, what she thought was water had actually been replaced with vodka. After a big gulp, and then a second, she felt more confident than ever and proceeded on without her notes.

  • Cori

    Speaking loudly and forcefully while waving to the attendant off stage for more "water".

  • doofdaddy

    She cried
    "Comrades, I have something to say that will pain your ears and hurt your head. Armageddon failed, the world is NOT perfect."

  • blakky

    After a long pause to see the reaction of the crowd, she saw an older gentleman sitting in the back row nodding off.

    "I said Armegeddon did not come!"....

    At that precise moment the old man awoke from his slumber, got up and walked out.

  • Cori

    The attendant now realizing his mistake with the vodka, sprang onstage, tackling her and the glass in the process.

  • Finally-Free

    In typical Chuck Norris style, she gave him a roundhouse kick to the face.

  • limbogirl

    then she thumped him soundly over the head with her copy of the NWT bound in a lovely green cover.

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