How Many Came in via Door-toDoor Witnessing?

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  • JW_Researcher


    What percentage would you say came into your old or current congregation(s) via the door-to-door witnessing?

    It is understood that your response is a guestimate.

    Thank you.

  • serendipity

    Probably only about 20%. The rest are born in, or hear about the religion from family members, coworkers, neighbors,etc.

  • IP_SEC

    in my old congo, I cant think of anyone in the past 10 years to come in strictly from D2D. All of them were born in or had dub family.

  • Honesty

    1990-2004 None through the door to door work. One of my dear friends from our original congregation recently told me she couldn't believe it when I started attending the KH in late 1989 because she knew something was wrong with the religion then. BTW, she's a Christian now and out of the WT cult of deception.

  • Seeker4

    My parents came in to the Witnesses via family and friends, and I came in via them.

    I know of some contacted via the house to house work during my 30+ years as an active JW, but it was a very small percentage. The 20% may be accurate.


  • defd

    I was contacted at the door.


  • atypical

    Defd, your answers are so predictable!! But I like you anyway.

    It seems to me that the only people coming in through door-to-door are in the spanish or other foreign language congregations. My theory on this is that the idea is fresh and new to them as opposed to the aging U.S. english speaking ones who have been exposed for years.

  • defd

    I like em short and to the point. Thanks for liking me.


  • atypical

    No problem. I like that you are not afraid to come here and discuss - even though you usually don't agree. That's what it's all about.

  • defd

    It can be draining at times being the only one who agrees. I regret sometimes that I do not go more indepth with certain topics but I feel if I anwered a question plainly I do not go any further. Believe it or not I do not like to argue and go around and around beating up topics.


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