Expecting armageddon...

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  • Bryan

    What event or events do you think would make every Witness think the end really was around the corner?

    Peace between Isreal and Palistine?

    Death of the United Nations?

    What do you think?


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • Confession

    Perhaps some extraordinary sign that world peace were near. ("Just when it is they are saying, "Peace, Peace," then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them.") Or some great governmental crackdown on the activities of JWs.

  • Gopher

    Any catastrophe will trigger the reaction "maybe this is it!".

    Recent ones include

    - The 9/11/2001 terror attacks against the USA

    - Hurricane Katrina

    - Hurricane Wilma

    As a JW, I remember waiting for some declaration of 'peace and security'. The 1986 United Nations "Year of Peace" was thought to be one such declaration.

  • Bryan

    I think 9-11 and the hurricanes made them take notice, but I'm thinking bigger.

    The cry of peace and security is good.

    Think people... think!


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • DannyHaszard
    The cry of peace and security is good

    There are a number of links and Ray Franz also debunked the WT's interpetation of that passage @ 1 Thess 5:3 the scripture simply supports what JC said about taking no note eating & drinking carrying on normally.NOT that there would be an eventful peace event.

    BTW they said that the UN 1985 year of peace theme was it too.

    They thought the Cuban missile crisis standoff was it.I was only 7 y.o.but my Dad was looking out the car window for mushroom clouds enroute to the K-hall.

  • atypical

    Anything that they can use to say the governments are cracking down on JWs. How many times have I heard about some new "e-mail" that so and so supposedly got from their relative or friend at bethel, which was supposedly attained from some obscure source, about how the UN is just about to completely go after the witnesses. Every time this happens, everyone who hears about it acts like it's absolute proof the end is here.

  • Elsewhere

    It does not matter what happens. JWs will ALWAYS think the end it near.

    If Israel and Palestine made peace, JWs will see it as a sign of the end.

    When a suicide bomber blows himself up in Israel, JWs see it as a sign of the end.

    If the stock market goes up, JWs see it as a sign of the end.

    If the stock market goes down, JWs see it as a sign of the end.

    If people joining the religion, JWs see it as a sign of the end.

    If people leave the religion, JWs see it as a sign of the end.

    If a war starts, JWs see it as a sign of the end.

    If a war ends, JWs see it as a sign of the end.

    The list goes on and on....

  • prophecor

    I would have to say that governmental crackdown on religion would really raise a few eyebrows. Especially in the US.

    As it appears now, the desire for religion in the US is particullarly strong. Boy George, believing that he's on a mission from God. His instituting of faith based initiative programs. The right wing Republicans who are seemingly very keen on religious activity.

    If Islamic fundementalist are an answer, I can see how US policy could crackdown on all religion in order to bring about a serious policing of those of the Muslim faith. Making an inroad to eventually eradicating all religions

  • Golf

    Bryan, what came to my mind was the prophecy about Babylon being rebuilt again. Where is Babylon? Where are the troops?

    With so much destruction there, there has to be a re-building program, but will it include a huge tower to memorialize what is transpiring?

    Hey, you asked.


  • Stealth

    Of course the JWs will look to anything as a sign.

    When the first Iraq war broke out, many not seen in years returned to the kingdom hall fearing that was the start to armegeddon. A year later they were gone again.

    When George Bush Sr declared a "new world order" eveyone got excited that it was close.

    When Ronald Regan used "peace and security" in his Inaugural speach & with reference to star wars, that was a big sign that armegeddon was right around the corner.

    Star Wars.... the power of the heavens would be shaken~~~~

    1975 the end of 6000 years of man on earth, yeah, that was the ticket.

    The pope died!

    The cold war was the sign, the king of the north Soviet Union was pushing the South US UK. JWs won't even say who the king of the north is now....hahahahahahaha!





    The french revolution was declared the start of the last days by CT russell.

    When the black death hit Europe in the 1300s everyone thought it was the start of armegeddon. I guess Jehovah wasn't ready for armegeddon back then, he just wanted to kill millions of humans to give them a little taste of what he has in store for man when he is really going to kick some ass.

    Maybe another world wide plauge like that might get the JWs all a buzz. How about the bird flu.

    I am not going to look for signs that god is ready to kill me. I spent too much of my life worring about death and destruction at God's hand.

    The JW's no longer control my mind with this crap. The 'TRUTH' has set me free!

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