Telling 'householders' they are going to die at Armageddon

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  • Odrade

    LOL! There was a D.O.'s wife in the 80's who used to do this type of thing. I remember working with her in F.S. and the homeowner would say something polite like "I'm sorry, I'm not interested, I'm a Catholic." And she'd reply something like "Oh, I'm sorry too, because Revelations teaches us that all those in association with Babylon the Great Harlot will be destroyed at the Great Day of God the Almighty, so it would be important for you to re-think your position before you go down with her."

  • Sassy

    I remember being told that we would be more blunt as the 'days drew nearer'..

    omg... I don't miss that

  • stillajwexelder

    I have never had the balls to do it. Though I did once tell a Born-Again she had be conned - she slammed the door in my face

  • atypical

    Gary - I used to use that method all the time. I would think: "Please don't answer the door, please don't answer the door."

    It usually worked.

  • bigmouth

    Rebel8, Yes, this is exactly how I remember it down here at the time period you mentioned.As usual we all got terribly excited but couldn't be bothered checking if it had any basis in scripture.

  • rebel8

    Thanks everyone. I've decided to add this topic to my website, as it's a great example of how insane their teachings are!

    LOL garybuss--if only they'd allow FS to be done today by thought transference, they'd lose less members. I do remember being taught we'd be doing our normal door-to-door visits but telling people they are going to be killed and it's too late to save themselves. I imagine we'd still be trying to place literature though, LOL.

  • VM44

    Correction to my earlier post about Charles Sinutko, he is only about 70 now (2005), and he would have been ony 32 back in 1967!

    That is an amazingly young age for a brother to be a CO or DO!


  • diamondblue1974

    Yeah doubt this will be the last ditched effort to try and create a demand when their growth takes a dramatic turn for the worst....which with the birth of the internet it wont be too long now.

    A great way to create demand is often to take away the thing that is being offered!

    I mean if people are going to die at Armageddon....why rub salt in their wounds?....whats the point in that?....its just sick!

    I dont know what you think but do you not think that it will be a method if nothing else to generate doubt then the government will try to ban the crackpots who are in the streets claiming damnation to all and then no doubt the witnesses will again cry persecution!

    All the time the R&F faith belief will be compounded...into giving more...doing more....and then bang...the whole organisation falls down and disappears and turns into the latest Worldcom, BCCI, Maxwell or Enron.

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