WTBTS RACKET in ARMENIA $72 Mil Gold market?

by DannyHaszard 14 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • ithinkisee

    Wow. Coincidentally, I happen to know of a higher-ranking ex-Bethelite who is one of the bigshots in the diamond industry. I know he is well-connected to the WTBTS and the diamond industry. Interesting ....

    Looks like I need to ask more questions ...


  • Beep,Beep

    And all I can say is,


  • misspeaches
    And all I can say is, "Garbage!!!!"

    And how have you reached that conclusion beepbeep?

    In light of the fact that we have reference materials in this thread I think you should provide references of your own to back up your statement that this is Garbage.

    Go ahead...

  • Atlantis

    http://www.biblestudents.net/ctrproject/ Chapter 16 - The Final Course


    Serious health problems begin in England in 1913.

    Final Travels in US

    Expectations for 1914


    Elijah & Elisha



    Pastoral Work

    WWI – End of the Gentile times.

    1914 not producing Kingdom

    Russell’s long held views regarding this date and his counsel to the flock.

    Warnings given from 1910 on about too great expectations for 1914.

    Different attitudes expressed by brethren. (Columbus OH vs. Asbury Park & Clinton IA)

    1915 Layoff of 70 workers.

    Disappointments with the Canadian gold mine stocks given to the Society and the plan to provide old age income for retiring pilgrims by selling cemetery plots. I believe there was also something to do with a lead mine in Galena, Kansas. AZ gold mine

  • Beep,Beep

    ""The only comment Danny Haszard has at this moment is that the statement about Mormons in the Hotel business [Marriott Hotel chain] is correct as i have worked for them in Boston."" Somehow this quote got left out of my original post. I do not beleive the claim about Mormons and hotel business. I base this on the facts that A) I have worked for Marriott in the past. B) As a stockholder of Marriott International. Sorry if this has caused any confusion.

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