'Gay weddings' are legal in the UK from today. How do you feel about it?

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  • Seeker4

    I'm from Vermont, the state that was the very first to allow civil unions for gays and lesbians. I was a journalist during the debate that preceeded this becoming law here, and I was also still involved in the Witnesses at that time.

    I remember covering a few very important forums on this - you can imagine that it was with a bit of trepidation that I attended my first gay marriage forum - in a church of all places. When I got there, I was a bit taken aback to realize that I knew at least half of the people there. There was a woman doctor I knew, a woman chiropractor, one of the executives in a company I had worked for, and several old friends and neighbors. It took the JW blinders off about who the gay and lesbian community actually is, and what their "agenda" was. All part of my education as I left "the truth."

    I also covered a meeting by a state politician whose soul purpose in getting elected was to fight the gay marriage initiative. This woman was a born again Christian, and her meetings were filled with so much misinformation, hatred and ugliness that it sorely tested my objectivity as a reporter.

    I remember being at a Witness get-together at the time, and there were some Witnesses there from California, saying how everyone was laughing at Vermont because of the gay marriage issue. I told this brother that the civil unions bill was very likely to pass, as well it should.

    "What about Jehovah's law?" he just about shouted at me, which you might say quieted the party quite a bit.

    I explained that this was a civil rights issue, and stemmed directly from the same battle that JWs had waged for civil rights.

    "If people don't allow gays and lesbians their civil rights under the law because they don't like them or like their lifestyle," I told him, "guess who else people don't like? The Witnesses. And when you deny one group of people their rights, you can deny others theirs. The law and civil rights aren't there to protect the people in power, they're there to protect the minority. You better hope this law passes - or you know who they may come after next."

    You could have heard a pin drop.


  • MossHart

    I'm cool with it. There's no reason why they can't have a legitimate marriage just like straight couples can.

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Hey if us straight couples can be miserable.....why should they get all the fun. Let them join us I say. LOL

  • Crumpet

    you mean you are straight enigma - with an avatar like that? thats my second big shock of the day!

  • IP_SEC

    *Hi fives Crumpt*

  • Scully

    Aside from the obvious benefits (inheritance, insurance, etc) for the partners in these civil unions, I can see it opening up a whole new niche in the legal profession: Divorce Attorneys for Gay Couples.

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    straight / gay ..... labels.....always labels.


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  • arrowstar

    Whipped cream?

    I may swoon.....

  • Crumpet

    oh guys now i am laughing out loud! i'm shaking in my fluffy slippers enigma - but thats cos the doors open and its a chilly day in the UK!

    arrowstar - hail to thee sweetie - you always have em flocking after you! altho a little warning - i think enigma is just trying to prove he is straight!

  • IP_SEC
    I've been flirting with Ms. Arrowstar for quite some time now.

    Well good for you brother. Cuz if there is anyone who could make a gay man straight it'd be arrow...

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