List What You Consider "Wrong" In The Organization

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    An unfaithful and indiscreet slave that hasn't made a correct call on prophecy for the last 125 plus years. If the light is getting brighter I'd like to know when we can expect to see it shine for the rest of us. When Rutherford said that his predicitons on 1925 had made an ass out of him, I'm a firm believer that a lot more ass making has been going on in this organiztion for a long, long time. I asked a witness the other day at work who was the failure, the slave receiving the new light or the God sending the light? So, please tell me not what they have been prophetically wrong about, but what they have been prophetically right about that was new light for the world in the last 125 years.

  • jeanniebeanz

    That they stole our father from us.

  • garybuss

    Shootist, All, The Witness people tell me that there have been some mistakes, but the basics are right. Basics like these . . . . They do dis-believe in the Trinity. They do dis-believe in immortality of the soul. They do dis-believe in the fire of hell.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    There are sooo many things wrong in the organisation...

    The big ones for me (apart from the obvious "blood", false propheciy issues) is the fact that people in the org tend to live lives that are half lived. I've seen so many witnesses just cruising through their lives, without dreams, or ambitions, or passion. When they encounter issues, rather than take a proactive course of action, alot of them just resign themselves to the situation and say "The new system is just around the corner, my problem will be fixed then."

    The other thing that i think is seriously wrong with the organisation is their perception of the world. The see it as a bad and evil place. In face it's their "Us vs Them" mentality which provides the platform for the Watchtower to indoctrinate their minds with alot of the nonsense that JW's believe. People in the org really need to wake up and see that the people around in the community are not such bad and wicked people. The world is not such a nasty place after all. I believe this perception of theirs stems from a lack of real genuine love. "Love... believes all things, Hopes all things." Witnesses are too quick to write people off.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    1. Speak love, live without sincerely expressing it.

    2. Speak God, live without imitating his loving kindness.

    3. Continue learning but never coming to an accurate knowledge of how Jehovah would have them treat others.


  • minimus

    You can't enjoy life like it's supposed to be enjoyed. You must always do more. Past history=ZERO. "This life" is not the "real life". Do whatever you're told or die at Armageddon. Don't further your education or you will be a "marked one". Don't have fun. Preach the no news of the kingdom. Go to boring meetings, perfect the science of looking attentive while daydreaming. Go out in service and hope no one's home. Study for everything but God forbid---do any real research. Research something unbiasedly (sp) and become an "apostate".

  • stillAwitness

    EVERYTHING...but the confortable seats

  • oldflame


    You read my mind, it's the organisation that is wrong not just one or two things..

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