List What You Consider "Wrong" In The Organization

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  • diamondblue1974

    Educated enough to read the script; articulate enough to read it aloud

    But heaven forbid if they stray from the script LT!

  • forsharry

    ::cracks her knuckles, clears throat, removes kinks from neck and make sure her arse is securely and comfortably seated on her chair::


    ::celebrates with a self-high five and cracks open a cold one::

    Joking aside. I think I could have stomached anything they force-fed me from the platform if the fellow brothers and sisters weren't filled with so much false-love. That was what was MOST wrong with the organization. (Please find no offense as I delve into sweeping generalizations that OF COURSE do not characterize each and every individual that is still in the Organization.) Oh yeah, they love and care for you alright...until something happens...say a physical infirmity, a financial hardship, a crisis of faith. Then what? Nothing. I've had Catholics pray for the well-being of my mother when she suffered a serious stroke, but when she severely injured her back while in the Religion, no one visited other than the elders wondering why she wasn't pioneering anymore. It's a lie. One big, fat, stinking lie. And SO FULL OF JUDGEMENT! Cruton O' Christ, if I had a nickel for every time I thought about the judgement scripture everytime a jdub opened their mouth and cast the first stone so to speak...well...I would have had a lot of nickels to give to the worldwide work, wouldn't I?

  • blondie
  • minimus

    That's it, Blondie???

  • blondie

    Just a start.

  • jgnat

    HA! I noted what book is NOT on Blondie's list, her favorite!

  • Honesty

    List What You Consider "Wrong" In The Organization

    The entire range of teachings that are unique to the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses and its multi-million dollar publishing empire.

  • serendipity

    In addition to things already mentioned,

    1. the lack of support given to members who are less fortunate

    2 the disapproval of charitable giving or volunteer work, outside of WTS activities.

  • serendipity

    portrayal of God as a bottomless pit who will never be satisfied.

    encouragement of judgmental, dogmatic, critical attitudes

  • hubert

    The blood and shunning policies.


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