January 15 WT : Beware of Apostasy

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  • GetBusyLiving

    :Because of listening to the Devil and not rejecting his lies, the first human pair apostatized. So, then, should we listen to apostates, read their literature, or examine their Web sites on the internet?

    What "lies" are you implying that we tell, Watchtower? How about you pansies fill the rank and file dubs in on exactly what these supposed apostate "lies" are so you can show us up! Sick.

    Your boat is sinking you dishonest bastards. Good people have had enough of YOUR lies.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I love it when you all quote from recent publications. It gives me something to really make a comment about.

    Regarding this and other articles on the Internet and apostacy, the WBTS is only arousing curiosity in the minds of the its members.

    Long live the World Wide Web!!!


  • jgnat

    The coming yeartext is a direct swipe at the "world" and everyone in it, including us "Unbelieving Mates".

    "Obey God Rather than Men".

    I would like all "opposers" to take this yeartext as our own, and ask our JW loved-ones, "Isn't it about time you started asking for God's direction in prayer? Why obey the imperfect men of the Watchtower?"

  • misspeaches
    The Watchtower, in its condemnation of apostasy uses 2 John 9-11 as the foundation for conveying to the reader how apostates are to be treated.

    However, the context of that verse specifically addresses the influence of the anti-Christ, and those refusing to believe Christ came in the flesh, and whose teaching was liable to corrupt the congregation and the validity of Christ's sacrifice and resurrection.

    A fanstastic point. One which I will like to remember in case it ever arises with any JW's.

    How can people sit there accept what the WTBTS spews out and not question it? I just don't get it...

  • undercover
    How can people sit there accept what the WTBTS spews out and not question it? I just don't get it...

    How could people just sit there and drink Kool-Aid spiked with poison and not question it when people around them died from drinking it?

    How could people just sit there and wait as the ATF encircled their camp with tanks and helicoptors and not question it while the fire raged all around them?

  • DannyHaszard

    What happens when the control freak WT forbids it's membership from using the information superhighway.

    http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=kingdom+hall+jehovah%27s+witnesses+bangor+maine&btnG=Google+Search click me

    11,000 search results for Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses Bangor Maine (Danny Haszard's hometown) all apostate google bombed to death they must be s**ting

  • ackack

    Well, people *did* "question" the kool-aid. People resisted. They were shot. They were forcefed. They had their bones broken.


  • DannyHaszard


    The Watchtower Cult IS Jonestown without the Kool-Aid!

    Will you prove your loyality to "father"?









    I recently saw a news program aimed at giving parents useful information to help their children with regards to the Internet. It wasn't to stop them from using it, but rather to help them make informed decisions to keep them safe. They understand that kids are going to get on the Net...there is no stopping it!!! What I found interesting was that they encouraged parents to lovingly and kindly give helpful advice, not bark out orders! Guess no one at Headquarters saw that one! The harder stance they take on it will only make people rebel more. The more they push their insane directives down the R&F's throats the more they are going to meet with resistance. I can't see the young people or the business people go for this at all. If I was there listening to that, my ears would perk up, and I would just have to check and see what the big deal was about. The internet is a part of everyday lives, just as TV or radio...it is not going to go away. Doesn't this show, once again, how out of touch the GB really is???


  • Honesty

    I hope Simon has enough bandwith to accommodate all the new members who will be registering on JWD in the near future.

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