is the point just to be different???

by theinfamousone 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

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    To be controlled by a controlling group is different than thinking for yourself.

    We all are different in make-up, etc, its' respecting these differences that we need to hone in on.

    How can the witnesses be different from other cults?


  • JamesThomas
    they are so adamant about being different, about alienating themselves from anyone and everyone else... my question is, is this really healthy??? for a "religion" to be only interested in being different and not being concerned with the bible and love and all that stuff????

    You're on the right track, and we can find that major healing happens within us when we see how we, as individuals, alienate ourselves from everyone else, rather than give serious attention to what unites us.

    It certainly helps to see it in others first as you have; I 'm just saying the real benefit comes when we turn the lamp of scrutiny on ourselves.

    It's difficult if not impossible to change others; however, we can change ourselves and then others may learn via your example.


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