Called on by an Elder !

by Gordy 11 Replies latest jw experiences

  • IP_SEC

    The calls made on DF'd people are to see if anything has changed or if they are interested in coming back.

    The instruction is that is is not necessary not to call on DA'd people or people who have been critical of the org.

    Thats what makes this sound fishy to me.

  • Gordy


    Thats what I thought.

    They know my stance, when I DA'd I sent with my letter 20 pages of stuff on the WT and why I could no longer be a part of it.

    I've spoken on local radio, briefly took part in a TV program, been interviewed by United Christian Broadcasting (UCB) Europe, spoken at local churches, spoke at a local Cult Awareness Day. Have just done a filmed interview for a University students project on JW's and shunning. Have distributed leaflets warning people about WT teachings etc. Part of a local support group for ex-JW's.

    So its not if I've quietly sat at home.

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