Our new house guest

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  • Billygoat

    This weekend Mozz and I went out of town to visit some of his family. This morning on our way back home, we decided to meet some of them at a little truck stop restaurant to have breakfast. We got there and noticed this little dog outside of the front door. It was a beautiful little male about 7 or 9 months old. We thought he was a little boxer mix. He was very friendly and nosed everyone coming in and out of the gas station. Since Mozz's family is full of HUGE dog lovers, the pup got tons of attention from our little group. Inside, we realized it was too late for breakfast...they were only serving lunch. We decided that we'd just go our separate ways and have breakfast on our own. But in the meantime we're walking out to our car and this pup's following us. The lady in the truck stop came out and said it was a stray that had been around for about a month. They started calling him Bones since you could see his rib cage. He gets fed by whoever gives him a scrap here or there and sleeps in her yard at night down the interstate. But that nobody had done anything about him yet. After a lot of discussion we decided to bring him back to Dallas and take him to the local SPCA. He'd at least have a better chance there than at a truck stop on the interstate.

    So we put him in the truck and drove home with him. He wimpered a little and was anxious, but never did he bark. We fed him a bit of breakfast sausage, which he nibbled very gently out of our hands. So he's very well-mannered. We brought him home and put him in our backyard. He ignored our little Maltese who was not a friendly hostess and then chased our cat around a bit. I think he just wanted to play. I don't think he'd do any harm. I brought an old kennel out with lots of warm blankets and put some fresh water out. He sniffed the blankets and promptly laid down in the kennel. He has yet to bark at us and does nothing but nose us and stay right at our feet. Tomorrow we'll take him to a vet and get his health checked out.

    He's the most well-mannered furry house guest we've had in awhile. I'm afraid he might make it hard for us to take him to the SPCA tomorrow. In my mind, I've already started calling him Bo.

  • skyman

    Love him. We have a large dog also and he is great for the family.

  • lonelysheep

    What a cutie!

  • Aude_Sapere

    I'm half tempted to take him...

    Alas, I am 1000 miles or more away.

    Sounds like he'll make someone a wonderful companion.


  • Billygoat

    Thanks guys! He really is a cutie. The fact that he's so well-mannered makes him even cuter. Someone's obviously played with him, because when you throw a ball, he'll catch it and bring it back. If it weren't for the fact that Mozz and I are so strapped right now, we'd have already taken him in as ours. But the jury is still deliberating. We'll see how he does tonight and tomorrow.

  • misspeaches

    Don't they just melt your hearts.

    It sounds like this little fellow has a lovely temprement. Perhaps there is a foster dogs organisation in your area. They are a little different to the SPCA in that they make sure the little doggy gets on well with the potential owners first and that he has a nice home to live in.

    Check out www.fosterdogs.org

    All the best!

  • Billygoat

    Oh my goodness I feel like a new mother. This guy is so adorable and it scares me to death that we might be keeping him. I'm already worrying about a million things. Will he be warm enough outside? Is he getting enough to eat? Do we have the money to keep him? Will my cats be okay with him? Will he get much bigger? How much does it cost to neuter? Are there clinics to do it for free? Does he have any health issues? What if we can't get him to behave? What if he gets my other animals sick? Will he miss his old friends back home? Is he scared by himself in the backyard? How do we housetrain a 6 - 9 month old puppy? Is it too late to put him in obedience classes? Will he tear things up when he's by himself?

    Arggh. How on earth am I going to handle a CHILD?!?!?!

  • Bryan


    If he had no collar, I hope you keep him. Sounds like he's a real people dog.


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • Kaylen

    Sounds like you have a new family member to me


    He is adorable!!!! Looks like he could be someone's lost pet. You could go online (google) and go to the lost pet section, there are several and see if anyone has posted him as missing. When my dog disappeared for a week, that's what I did. Eventually, he came back home on his own. Hasn't left again since. Ask the vet to run a scan to see if he has a chip...if all that fails, it looks like you have a very nice addition to your family!

    Swalker (knows how it feels to be lost)

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