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  • KimKat

    Hi everyone -

    My sister (inactive) called me yesterday to tell me that our mom had sent her

    a copy of an advice column. The column was about a daughter that the family

    was shunning because 'she had gone to counselor and got ideas put in her head'.

    My mom, of course applied it to me. I told my sister that I had never gone to a

    counselor, that I came to my decision to leave JWs on my own.

    It just makes me mad that my family thinks that I am brainwashed or something

    to have left JW. I can think on my own. Anyway - I was wondering -

    has this happened to anyone else? Thanks - I needed to unload. KimKat

  • These3Words

    I'''m sorry for your pain! My "Elder" brother had a baby girl 9 months ago, and he wont return me E-Mails so I can see a picture of my niece.


  • skyman

    My bother has not spoken to me for years I have missed his son's graduation from High school and marriage. We use to bet closer than any two people could be.

    I hear your pain.

    Love Skyman

  • one of 12
    one of 12

    My family of mum, dad, six sisters, five brothers and their partners have all shunned my imediate family and most of them are elders, ministerial servants or poineers. It hurts heaps to know thats there's not much you can do if you want to be honest to yourself. Up until 3 weeks ago I found it terribly lonely but this site gives me a glimmer of hope.

  • Jez

    Welcome to a place of acceptance.

    When my brother and his wife were expecting, I was not even told. So....I finally got reinstated for family...guess what, it is no different now than it was when I was df'ed. My mother still has nothing to do with me. She didn't even phone to say, "Hi" when I was reinstated. I used this line in my story about my reinstatement:

    "I realized that when family fanatically shuns a member, it is often just a shield used to hide a very mentally, emotionally and spiritually sick person."


  • whyamihere

    I am so very sorry.

    It is sad they think that...I left the JW's before I saw a counselor.


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