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  • walkaway

    hello everyone, i am brand new, thought i would say hello. I am still "in" the org, still serving "faithfully" in the hall that i grew up in. My father is the PO and i am part somewhat of a dynasty, with all my extended family being witnesses. I have been having doubts for quite sometime, galvanised through some experiences (mostly what i saw at brooklyn on a visit there). Also some articles over the past few years have really annoyed me at the shallow minded attitude they display. Oh i probably should have mentioned i am a senior at "evil" college- soon to progress to to my MA . i have been lurking for quite some time, and felt the time was right to raise my head above the parapit and say hello.

  • JH

    Welcome Walkaway !!!

    Many of us here walked away some time ago, while others still attend meetings.

    Nice to have you here, and post your heart out !!!

  • garybuss

    Welcome! What did ya see at Brooklyn?

  • walkaway

    money grabbing, rather than the "spiritual" headquarters of the organisation, I refuse to name names, both for their sakes and for mine, and i have no reason to doubt their good intentions, but it was still very upsetting. When i got back from my trip,everyone asked me if i was encouraged by my visit (it was only one or two days out of a month away) and i really couldn't think of anything that i heard or saw that was anything other than sickening. i guess you should never see anything you "love" from the inside.

  • DannyHaszard

    Cheers from Danny Haszard Bangor Maine born JW 1957 3rd gen missionary clan exited 1-5-92

  • mouthy

    Welcome Walkaway!!! Glad you had the courage to come visit us. Stay awhile & tell us a bit more about your self. I am 78 yrs old was a Faithful JW for 25 years made 10 people jws which I am sorry fo now. I still love them all I was D/F because I dont believe Jesus came invisably in 1914 ( just encase your interested ((((HUG)

  • lonelysheep

    Welcome, Walkaway!

  • serendipity

    Hi walkaway! Welcome to the forum.

    Don't let anyone dissuade you from completing college. I was actually baptized when I was in college back in the 80's and though people in the congregation didn't condemn me, they didn't support me either. I finished college and have had a pretty good life, despite being a nominal JW.

  • GoingGoingGone

    Welcome walkaway!

    Enjoy your stay!


  • garybuss

    money grabbing?? Can you explain without using names? What was done?

    You wrote: i guess you should never see anything you "love" from the inside. What does this mean?

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