How Firm A Foundation A Foundation...Of Forgeries? -Mark Smith

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  • TopHat

    Reading your Forgery post just reminded me of what I read in Dave's letter to Freeminds...just my thoughts. Thanks for Mark's e mail addy.

  • Narkissos

    Another interesting read is Herman Detering's article The Dutch Radical Approach to the Pauline Epistles on (click on "JHC articles you can read now")

  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit


    Thank you for a very interesting and readable site. You're a mind reader. I was thinking about doing a Google search for a website such as this one when I read your post.

    Much obliged neighbor.

  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    Dearest Rex, Oh Shining One! Son of the Dawn!

    After reading your post a number of thoughts entered my mind, some of them illegal. So, rather than become a felon, I've gone back and read quite a number of your posts and have concluded several things:

    You are almost invariably hostile to whomever you are writing.

    You rarely have an original thought.

    Your posts quite often consist merely of cutting and pasting the thoughts of others.

    You rarely display understanding of what it is you've read.

    You're arrogant in the extreme.

    As for your predilection toward and propensity for hostility, I am genuinely saddened and puzzled. You're only a year younger than myself, yet time seems to have neither mellowed you nor made you more colorful. Rather, your posts reek of a plodding murkiness, an oppressive grayness of spirit, and the repulsive, gagging stench of the death of your soul. When did this inner death (unfortunately not followed by an inner resurrection) occur? During your Watchtower captivity or some time thereafter? I will confidently venture that you've never been married, and never will be. Nor are you currently "seeing" anyone, unless it's with a high-powered telescope.

    As to your lack of originality, you are certainly not alone. In fact, it is this very lack of originality that characterizes the fundamentalist herd of which you are a somewhat "tweaked" member. Such people seek safety in numbers. Fearful of straying far from the well-worn paths created by countless members of the mindless herd that have lumbered before them, the herd stumbles on, oblivious to all except the ass of the witless cow immediately in their view. The meaningless sounds emitted by the herd, while lacking in any significance to an outsider, nonetheless serve to comfort the herd and reinforce each member's feeling of belonging. I remember this vividly from my thankfully brief time as a Watchtower slave. I couldn't stand it then, and I certainly cannot stand it at age fifty two.

    As to the basic motor skills you display in cutting and pasting the writings of others, you are to be commended. I'm sure your teachers place many gold stars on your homework. Well done Rex.

    As to your lack of understanding, I will repeat a well-known phrase: Ignorance is curable but stupidity is a lifelong sentence. Are you stupid or merely ignorant Rex? Or perhaps blind? You are certainly blind as to how thoroughly disliked you are here, and how dreadful it is to see one of your replies on a thread. This is because of your hostility, predictability, and unlikeability. I would add other pejorative adjectives, but I wish to stay within a Trinitarian framework for your comfort.

    As to your arrogance, it would not be hard to bear if you had anything to be arrogant about. You do not. I too am arrogant, I'm arrogant for valid reasons. Unlike you, I give respect to those who give respect to me. I used to give you respect and you awarded me with abuse!

    Thank you for posting Rex. An excuse for target practice is always appreciated. I know you wallow in negative attention because it's preferable to being ignored, but really Rex! One would think you would back away from someone who so thoroughly detests you and all you stand for (Thats me, Rex!) However, obviously you revel in abuse. You think you are a martyr for Jesus. Rex, I will disabuse you of your fantasy. You are a martyr for your repugnant repellence, not for Jesus.

    When I used to proffer you respect and courtesy by writing to you at length with considered and considerable arguments, you ignored my content and insulted me for writing to you at length! So, I now inform you that you are a subhuman vole of a man, an online stalker who entertains homosexual and sadistic images of myself. You receive libidinous gratification through any sort of contact with myself, and you hope that something of what myself and many others here possess will transfer to you by spiritual osmosis. Poor grotesque Quasimodo Rex. You will lack any of our appeal until the day of your unlamented death and unattended funeral. On that day you will finally being warmth and smiles to many as they gleefully read your obituary.

  • moshe

    I say "let them have their Pauline fantasy" ,for without Paul there is no Christianity . The writings about Jesus are too unreliable for me to trust them, but every man has a right to some religious belief system-as long as it doesn't harm anyone. I might someday put JW's in that category , with some changes in their rules and doctrines.



  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    Hello Moshe

    Welcome to the board!

    You wrote:

    "I say "let them have their Pauline fantasy" ,for without Paul there is no Christianity . The writings about Jesus are too unreliable for me to trust them, but every man has a right to some religious belief system-as long as it doesn't harm anyone. I might someday put JW's in that category , with some changes in their rules and doctrines."

    You might enjoy the Nag Hammadi Library. Then again, you might not. When I'm finished with the book I'm writing now, I plan on translating the authentic letters of Paul.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    LOL, I really get 'under your skin', eh Nate? I just can't help myself.
    I think you are drifting spiritually. You accept the most liberal theories and then add your own misguided gnostic concepts to them. I am sorry that I offend you by not answering your posts point by point. I don't have the time to do that and see it as pointless anyways. You are on the fringe of even the most liberal scholarship. Your ideas are imaginative, kind of like the book, "Holy Blood: Holy Grail".
    Don't take that personally. I view the libs and cynics all in the same way. Its nothing personal. I give no credence at any to gnostic writings because they do not deserve it. There are no 'lost books' of the Bible and let me tell you why:
    If the Canon was formed by believers under the full influence of the Holy Spirit then God worked this out over time using His people to do so. If the Canon was not guided completely by God, then what we have in the Bible is exactly what the church believed about the revelation of Jesus Christ. You see, either way we have what is actual Christianity and even the apocrypha can only be useful for historical reference. The gnostic writings are useless for anything spiritual OR evidencial regarding Christianity. This is the same thingas the book of Mormon applies only to the LDS. They are counterfeit Christians just as JWs are.
    When people argue about the books and what should be included in the Canon, they are 'beating a dead horse'. If you waste your time researching them then it lnly leads to a confused and inconsistent understanding of scripture, which is exactly what 'His Nibs' designed them to do.
    Satan was defeated at the Cross of Calvary. He has been forced to use any means possible to cast doubt and suspicion on those events. He has always used the same tactics: he produceds counterfeits of the real thing; he starts with a truth and builds the lies upon it. He was a deciever and a liar from the beginning. If you are truly a born again believer you will return to the Lord someday.


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