What was YOUR childhood dream?

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  • stillAwitness

    Mine was to be New York Times Bestsellar by 21.

    But when I was young and dumb it was to become a secretary and regular pioneer.

  • Golf

    lonelysheep, have far did you get trying to achieve your goals? What have you accomplished that has given you a sense of satisfaction? There's gotta be something. I'm all ears.


  • evita

    Nice topic, but bittersweet.
    I taught myself to sew at the age of 9 and made many of my own clothes in H.S.
    My dream was to be a fashion designer. One of my teachers in high school tried help me get a scholarship to a design school but I told her I would not be going to college as I was one of Jehovah's Witnesses. She cried.
    I don't think I had enough talent or patience to be successful at that but I would have liked to try. Now I still love beautiful fabric but have no interest in doing anything with it. What happens to that drive and energy?
    I did eventually get my B.A. in English many years later. I then fantasized about becoming a lawyer but I had kids instead. Oh well!

  • Golf

    evita, you and my wife would get along perfectly when it comes to sewing. As I have so many times said on this forum, I'm grateful that I married my childhood sweetheart a non-witness, she has helped me to keep whatever sanity is left in me. Ha ha.

    If I were one of your teachers, I would have cried also. Here's my suggestion, don't give up hope. As you said, you have the talent, give yourself that old college try and I know you will succeed. Go for it kid, go for it.


  • oldflame

    And you should hear Gumby sing (as I put in the ear plugs)

  • Golf
  • Golf

    oldflame, nah, I wanna hear gumby sing. He can take care of himself.


  • gumby


    Sometime soon I'll put up a link with something on it when I get all my recording stuff in order. I'll get OldFlame to do a couple WITH me. He's pretty dang good himself. You'll hafta put up with Country or Oldies though.

    btw....I've enjoyed your threads ...positive as usuall


  • Willow Tree
    Willow Tree

    I always imagined life would be like it was for Cinderella, that a Fairy Godmother would rescue me and I would find the perfect partner and live happily ever after. I also wanted to be a mermaid, and an astronaught. So far none of my dreams have came true but maybe the first one has some hope!

  • Golf

    Willow tree, don't give up on your dreams. I'm with you all the way.

    Gumby, looking forward to your recordings.


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