WT HARDLINE on BLOOD death 15 y.o. Ireland

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  • VM44

    Could this possibly be the reasoning?

    Blood is sacret.

    Blood is made up of many components.

    One component, Red Blood Cells are named using the color red.

    Blood is red.

    Therefore, the component of red blood that makes blood sacret is the red blood component.

    I am serious about the question, is this the "reasoning" the JWs use?

  • LDH
    There is an inherent logic to our belief.

    Really? Where? You JW's believe that Blood is Life. Yet Jesus said, no greater love has man than to LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR ANOTHER.

    Please explain to me how your policy is Christ-like.

  • Beep,Beep

    At what point does blood cease being blood ?

    For example, I go into a McDonald's and order a Bic Mac. I tell them to leave the 'special sauce' and lettuce out of it. Is it still a Big Mac ?

    "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickels, onions on a sesame seed bun."

    Since WATER makes up the majority of blood's volume, is it still blood if you remove the water ? As it's further fractioned at what point does it cease to be blood ?

    I do feel bad that this young girl died but that was the result of a car accident, not the refusal of a blood transfusion. There is no proof that receiving blood would have changed anything. It's one of those things, "time and unforseen occurrance" as the Bible brings out.

    Sorry but I can't get upset over this.

  • skyman

    What waste of life. I hope the BORG pay's dearly in the end

  • LDH


  • ronin1

    I'm not sure about this entire situation. It is very sad because a life was lost.

    However, if her injuries were such that nothing would have saved her, why bother with a blood trransfusion?

    On the flip side, we all know the changing of WT doctrines on the blood issue. As long as I can remember, taking any type of blood transfusion was wrong. Then in 1999 or 2000, all of a sudden its ok to take some blood fractions, etc. (Baloney)

    It's either wrong to take blood transfusions or its not wrong to take blood transfusion. The Bible does not change. God's word does not change. Almightly God has never changed his rules or values, etc,

    Again, this is a sad situation and sometimes the news media does not do justice to the families involved.

  • theinfamousone

    i hate those child killing, lying, conniving pieces of shit... im sorry that all i have to say right now... this is ridiculous...

    the infamous one

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