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  • Nicole24

    figured as much

  • Spectre

    I don't really feel the need either for a revolt either. If a person is questioning things I wouldn't hesitate to give them the info that they need but I feel that everyone needs to come to that conclusion on their own. Kind of like the Matrix, are you ready for the red pill?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Welcome Nicole

    And yes you found a good place. I can understand your first comments as trying to get JWs to help you. Seems you already know how dysfunctional and closed it all is.

    If his ex-father-in-law knows him well then he knows what happened in the first marriage and probably knows what he did to you. Believe me they won't listen.

    I divorced my ex who was an elder. The other eolders knew how hw abused me and our daughters. I left - he got his divorce and the elders did nothing when he married a new sister in the cong. And yup he abused he too and she left him. They protect their own and there is nothing you can do.

    What we do here is offer support and a ton of information.Some people here have picketed conventions and halls. It doesn't do much because JWs are told that we are all Satan worshippers. Some have done letter writing campaigns. Others have written books and spoken to the media. Some lecture. We all find little ways to help others.

    What we are finding effective is the little drip drip drip against the big hard rock. Interestingly it seems to be working. With the internet more and more people are getting information from sited like this one. We work hard to make sure we have provable facts.

    Almost every day we have 2 or 3 new people finding us here and getting some support and help. Seems we are pretty effective too by preventing some people from getting too involved.

    I'm sorry this guy treated you so badly. Just be glad you are free of him. Sit back and read. The WTS is a nightmare.

  • Nicole24

    thanks for ur support....i'm terribly sympathetic to your situation and how you were married into such a horrid situation...i hope you can find peace in knowing you aren't alone, and there will be judgement for these people

  • wednesday

    well , it may not work, but i'd do it anyhow. It will feel good and what can he do to you anyhow? It might alert his soon to be wife. Also, if you have some pictures that you just conviently kept, that would be good.

    Honestly, I know what most are saying is true, they probably won't believe you, but it will put a smudge on his reputation and it might work. Seems like a win-win situation, I mean , what really can they do to you? And since you are not a jws, they can't hurt you. Now, ifthis guy is mean and prone to violence,, disregard my advice.

    yes it is revenge, so what?


  • Forscher

    Put him in the past and learn from the experience.
    Be thankful that you saw the truth about that organization in time to drop it like a hot potato.
    Learn the warning signs of cults and high-control religions and avoid them like the plague.
    Stay informed on that organization and warn anyone you know about the dangers of getting invovled with it.
    Learn to trust your instincts, they served you well in this instance and probably will continue to do so.

    Welcome to the forum!


  • Scully
    i don't want bad things to happen to this guy

    Well, I am sure you don't want bad things to happen to the women he preys on either. The best way to help them is to get this guy off the streets. It wouldn't be a "bad thing" for him to rot in jail. He'll be safe from fathers who want to kill him for abusing their daughters. And other young women will be spared having to be abused by him.

  • stillconcerned


    I'm not sure from your post what exactly he did, but if any aspect of it was legally questionable or ethically shady, I'd write it up skillfully, largely devoid of emotion, and send it certified mail to the PO of the KH he currently attends, and copy it to the WTS in Brooklyn.

    Keep your green card (from the cert'd mail), and keep the letter factual.

    Otherwise 'they' can say the report was never made...

  • stillconcerned

    ...what this does is puts them 'on notice', legally, that this guy has this sort of history.

    i.e. it gives them a duty to protect, depending, again, upon the past behavior you report.

    This is particularly important if his past behavior, reported by you, was predatory.

    Kimberlee D. Norris

    attorney at law

    [email protected]

  • ballistic

    Just curious - and nosey lol... Was he disfellowshipped for the relationship with you or for something previous... as he was going through a divorce when you met him - this is only allowed in cases of adultery in the JWs. ?

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