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  • Nicole24

    Hi....so here's my story....i was working at a local salon, and met an older guy ( i was 18) who seemed quite fun, and we soon became friends. He was 45 and recently divorced, and he knew I needed extra money for college so I began to clean his house. It quickly escalated into a much deeper relationship. His divorce wasn't even officially over...it takes a year or something...and it became a very intense and intimidating relationship. I found out he was a witness....I was not...and began to take a huge interest in the religion...he was disfellowshiped and still teaching me...while at the same time bad-mouthing the religion, bc he had been disfellowshiped. I know he is getting reinstated, but the psycological damage he has caused me and the things he continues to do behind the knowledge of the community terribly upsets me. I've moved away to deal with it, and would like to get into the religion and study, but am unable to cope with this individual being reinstated though he continually misrepresents it's values.....what should i do? shall i call the elders at his congregation? please help

  • Odrade

    #1, yes, call the elders in his congregation... he's a predator.
    #2, get some counseling. The group you want to join can be just as controlling as your ex-boyfriend. And do some research about the Watchtower Society.
    Best of luck to you. I'm sorry this happened.

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board!

    I think you should know that we are mostly Ex witnesses here!

  • MonkeyPrincess


    I think before you jump back into studying, you should do some research about this religion before getting involved.
    Not just a one sided view, but from all sides, that way you don't get taken advantage of even more.

    Take care, i hope all goes well with you!


  • Nicole24

    will they believe me? his ex-wife's father is an elder in the congregation he was disfellowshiped from, and he is now at a new congregation...he is marrying a 21 year old woman from the phillipines he met only 2 times from online in march....he has also made her wait to get baptised so that he can still talk to her. since she's a new witness, she needed guidance....not to be told to wait....i don't want bad things to happen to this guy...though revenge is the natural human emotion...i honestly am sympathetic to anyone who comes in his path....he was at one time even an elder! everything about JW seems so right...how can i deal with this?

  • Nicole24

    okay good....i'm glad your ex-witnesses....because i totally think it's a cult....what i've seen, and i just really wanted to find a way to get this guy in trouble!!!! i will have nothing to do with this religion....i've seen enough corruption and manipulation

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Sorry this happened to you. But you will find this behavior common amongst JW's. They have set up such bizarre rules for themselves no one really can abide by them. They do this to keep mental control of the "believer". By not being able to live up to them, creates a huge guilt complex within the "believer". Once they have created this moral compartmentalization in their minds, some pretty awful behavior ensues. Classic cult technique.

    Please stick around and learn about the JW's. Welcome.

  • Spectre

    Nicole, you sly devil you.


  • Nicole24

    god i'm glad i found this board, and u all understand how corrupt this shit is....i would go on about my experiences, though short lived, and i only went to a kingdom hell once....but urs are prob better....so since most ppl don't know about jw's....why don't all you rebels do some sort of revolt...and these angry people....isn't there a way to unite your strengths to let others learn...i felt so bad for these brainwashed kids when i went....i wanted to kidnap them....isn't there something that can be done....? this religion is not right...and the hidden violations are disgusting...mind u this guy had been an elder...and he was disfellowshiped, so i heard lots of stories about how corrupt it really was...though he claimed it was a salvation...contradiction much? i'm an econ student working on my phd...i'd really like to work on a academic paper exposing some of this stuff...i swear something much be able to be done....and will calling the elders get this guy in trouble?

  • Spectre

    Calling the elders would do nothing since you are a "worldly" person and therefore considered a liar and a tool of Satan.

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