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  • morrisamb

    my siblings and I (3 ex Witnesses) will be on World Radio Wed. We've talked and agreed, "Let's do an uncensored interview....let's let people know what we really think."

    Darkness to Light Presents

    Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence

    An Internet radio talk show sponsored by Darkness to Light


    dedicated to providing a safe forum where people can share ideas about preventing, recognizing and reacting responsibly to child sexual abuse.

    Wednesday, December 7

    2:00 p.m. (PST) / 5:00 p.m. (EST)


    Kathleen Brooks, Ph.D. (


    Donald, Ronald and Marina D’Haene (



    To talk with our guest, call our toll-free number:


  • Legolas

    Give it to them...Let everyone know!

    Good luck!

  • morrisamb

    The host is an activist for childrens's rights so that wouldn't be difficult! thanks

  • under74

    good for you and your siblings!

  • Bryan

    Looking forward to it Donald!


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • sf

    Oh goodey, uncensored.

    Thanks for the heads up here.


  • morrisamb

    Thanks guys! Can't wait until you hear my siblings who have been very vocal for 25 years. God, they wanted me to write Father's Touch more than I did. They've been my #1 supporters.

  • morrisamb

    By the way here is my sister's bio (once I find my older brother's I'll post it as well): Marina D'Haene is a 8 year survivor of child sexual abuse. She is a strong advocate of therapy for victims of sexual abuse. She has supported Donald's memoir, Father's Touch, by appearing in the documentary, Family Secrets: When Nobody's Looking, produced by Toronto’s Makin’ Movies for Canada's W Network in 2003. The episode was created and produced by Genie award-winning Director Maureen Judge and won the 24th Annual Telly Award. Marina worked for several years in the telemarketing industry but now lives on a disability pension due to suffering from Fibromyalgia. Marina has been in a relationship with a woman for 10 years - someday they hope to celebrate their union in front of family and friends. She expresses herself through her love of singing. She performed at her best friends' holy union as well as in her brother Donald's Q show at this past summer's London Pride 05 singing an accapella version of Patsy Cline's "If you got leaving on your mind

  • morrisamb

    here's my brother Ronny's web site... you'll see his photography work of his natural wildlife project (land which he transformed)...

    Here is two bios for Ronny - you'll definitely get a sense of him from these bios and from the web site! As I told you - you'll have a hard time shutting us 3 up! LOL It won't be a boring hour!

    Ronny D'Haene bio


    The response to my photography has been truly inspiring to me. Watching how it has touched men and women both young and old has humbled my soul and brought me tears of joy. It has also brought hope into my life, and I pray that it will bring a little light and life to you, the viewer, as it has done to me.

    A storm in my life has led to this website. We all have storms in life and this was not my first.

    I share my story out of a desire to show that regardless of the strength or length of the storm, if one holds on to faith, prays for light, and patiently looks for light, God will send his light. My genetic father is a Pedophile and this was the first major storm in my life. From the age of six (I was the first child) I prayed everyday to God "Whomever, wherever you are the 'real one', please give me the strength to one day take my family away from this man".

    I know now that was the shred of light I clung to. Patiently I had to wait years 'til the day he threw me out of the house, and started the ball rolling that would lead to his losing his family.

    With my younger brother Donald working with me from within the home and myself finding two jobs and a house, the day finally came that we all escaped him. ('Father's Touch' is a book Donald wrote through his eyes and in his words telling of the effects of this storm and the survival of our family).

    There were other storms as well. Raised and brainwashed in a religious institution, and a 'failed before it started' marriage. (If you start something wrong, you usually finish just the same).

    However, the light that came out of these storms was a faith built upon unbiased information, no longer trusting the deceptions of men. As well, a relationship that started right and developed into a second marriage that our five children and seven grandchildren have seen grow stronger over the last 21 years.

    I admit that there were times when it was difficult to see the light in the middle of these storms, but Proverbs says "Be still and know that I am God". Sometimes we must be more patient than we want to be to find the light we need to pull through. I believe I would have seen the light sooner had I learned to ' be still ', but alas I was an active-aholic up until the pipeline accident. This was the most devastating storm for me, for unlike other storms where I knew what or whom to fight, this storm included permanent head and back injuries that I could not fight. I was left with trusting in the true light (....'God is light.' - 1 John 1:5) and out of my darkness came the light of photography.

    It is my prayer that it brings a little light and life to you as well.

    To the great I AM be the glory!

    Yours truly,

    Ron D'Haene

    John 3:16

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