Why do so many people NEED to believe in a greater purpose?

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  • tetrapod.sapien
    And that goes for you, too.


    if you want to give my life some higher meaning. then feel free!

    even if you merely believe in sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

    they're not mere for me as i can really find nothing much more to believe in. i fancy i have a pretty good imagination too.

    I was thanking you for your insightful comment. Is that okay, or should I retract it?

    no. it just didn't make sense. but don't worry, i'm no lawyer.


  • marsh


    I can identify with some of what you wrote.I raised 4sons on my own since my divorce,I lost my home,was destitute then along came the JWS........

    When my sons rebelled against the JWS years later I was like alunatic,even chased one son with a mop to stop him joining the skinheads he got involved with.My other son discovered drink and girls,drugs.another drink and fighting,the other just loved women....I had afew years of HELL.But I persevered because I loved them.They are all going to die at Armageddon I thought,and began to have nightmares.

    Today they are brilliant all settled ,with families of their own,all own their own homes,put themselves through college (something I did not encourage).They are not Christians yet,but they do believe just want to find their own way...

    People argue,differ,the Gospel is simple.........wonderful Good News about our Saviour who died for us to reconcile us back to God who will make all things new.It is men who complicate everything....and old crustyface.

    Collossians 1:15.He is the image of the invisible God,the firstborn over all creation,16 For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on the earth,visible and invisible,wether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers,All things were created through Him and for Him.17,And he is before all things,and in Him all things consist.18.And He is the head of the body,the church,who is the beginning,the firstborn from the dead,that in all things.He may have the pre-eminence.19.For it pleased the Father that In Him all the fullness should dwell.20.and by Him to reconcile all things to Himself,by Him,whether things on earth or things in heaven,having made peace through the blood of the Lamb.

    There are many things in my life I am now ashamed of have repented of.In my childhood I experienced hardship,know what is is to be hungry,see violence,many things I won't mention here,My Mother died in my arms,My sister died aged 37 my brother aged 6 months,aunts/uncles/cousins/friends .I have been to so many funerals .Seen the confused faces,heard the questions............what's it all about?

    When we come to the foot of the Cross,when we repent of our sins truly from the heart,we are forgiven God has washed all our sins away by Jesus blood.Ephesians 1:7 ............gone...........

    If we confess our sins,He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.(1 John 1:9).

    Just give yourselves to the Lord in prayer talk to Him.Give it all over to Him your life,your all,your everything and you will have such peace in your souls.In the world we have tribulation but Jesus has conquered.

    You will go to heaven when you die IN CHRIST.then the promise in Rev 21: New Heavens,what will this be like? I don't know.But I know that God will wipe away every tear and that there will be no more death,or mourning,or crying or pain,for the old order of things will have passed away.


  • AuldSoul

    TS, are you intentionally avoiding that which makes you not a dog?

    You get to choose, you don't have to simply react. You can intellectually weigh options, consider examples of choices others have made (even historical or fictional examples that have been written), imagine possible outcomes and then choose. Your dog can't do that.

    That you have things in common with your dog is not surprising. You are both carbon-based, oxygen converting, warm-blooded mammals. I'd be surprised if some of your life functions weren't in common. But every element you name that you have in common with your dog requires you to rationally imagine the similarities, making you very unlike your dog.

    You think you aren't better or worse than your dog? I think you are potentially either, but if you don't ever choose to be, you'll prove yourself correct. Just a thought.


  • jgnat

    Tetrapod, here's some light reading, if you are prepared to revise your worldview. I'll read one of yours if you'll read mine.


    Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (Paperback) by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

  • Smiles_Smiles

    Well jgnat, I don't know if he looked at that site but I did. I found it to be very enjoyable and validating.

    Thank you, Smiles

  • gringojj


    Humans are more capable of doing some things more than other animals. So a human has more intellect than a dog. So a dog has more than a worm. So does the dog have a greater purpose because its smarter than a worm? Its all relative.

    We are very capable of doing many things. But if we had to live in the manner a worm lives, we would fail miserably. We are no better than any other animal.

    We are all dogs, we are all gods, we are all animals.

    As Tet said, we all eat, sleep, shit, screw, etc.

    If you think you are any better that makes you self-centered and egoistic.

  • ShepGator

    I agree - I live each day as it is unto itself. The major creed I live by is to treat my fellow human and animal as kindly and respectfully as I can each and every day. I don't need a god or a belief system to do this. I help people when they need it, I give financial help when I can, I treat everyone regardless of color or belief or status as an equal. I think religion of any kind separates people, it judges people, it condemns people. I abhor it. Since the beginning of time, religion has given acceptance of the senseless murder of people. Think about the Native Americans and the Christian priests who came to save their souls. Yea, they spread their diseases and all but killed of entier tribes of these people. We are doing the same now in the Middle East - accept American democracy ideas or we will kill you. It is a no win situation.

  • stevenyc

    the same reasons they believe in alien abduction, illumiati new world order, ghosts, reincarnation, and star trek: What if this is all it is !!!! Same dumb job, same crap football team, and your car doesn't start on a cold day because you need to get a new one.


  • GentlyFeral

    Well, when I unjaydubbed I was gonna be an atheist, I swear I was.

    I almost had it down when I swear I heard god laughing. Some wise, vast, heedlessly creative power looked down on all my hard work and thought it was cute.

    But you know, so many forms of satori are guaranteed non-replicable. Anyway, gringo, I think you have two issues muddled together: theism and meaning.

    Last year, while constructing a money altar - a long, bizarre little story - I stumbled across the phrase: social aid and pleasure club. It struck me as a capsule description of my ideal life!

    My own personal meaning is to make sure that those around me have all the freedom, sex, drugs, truth, beauty, rock-n-roll, love, food, shelter, dignity and tie-dye that they require. Because, you know, it sucks when the people around you are miserable.

    gentlyferal (Why aren't there any tie-dyed type faces?)

  • Sasha24

    Here here!!!!!!! I feel the same way. I have a born-again friend who acts as if I am going to die for not asking Jesus for forgivness! Everytime we talk we get onto that topic. It is so annoying!! Why can't I just enjoy life? Why does there have to be evil down every path that has nothing to do with the Bible or God?!?! :(


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