Why do so many people NEED to believe in a greater purpose?

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  • existentialist

    But even if there was a greater purpose,say, eternal life, who says we have to blindly adhere to it? What if I just don't feel like pursuing eternal life? I don't want to live forever, it's my choice, and that's that. Even if there was an actual "igher" purpose, who's to say that we necessarily have to pursue it? You can lead a horse to water.....

  • marsh

    Hi Seeker,

    I have to disagree as I see Tetra as very 'lost' at this moment,aside from religion.when he makes statements like ...Doesn't care about anything,burning the candle at both ends,marriage broken up,drugs,etc: trying to get the JW /Christian thing out of his life running away from every issue,going to ignore them for the rest of his life.His upbringing,being 'screwed up'

    Tetra I am just trying to show you a way to get some peace in your life,to feel loved,to make some sense of your life,Not forcing you into yet another box,rules,control,..............but showing you freedom.

    As I have said I have seen my sons/brothers and others go through similar experiences.The freedom you seem to want right now only brings pleasures,does not bring true happiness,never will.

    One of my brothers is an alcoholic,has lived a life of doing whatever pleases him of not giving a f***We have picked him up from all sorts of places .once just laying in the gutter,He has gone through so many broken relationships .Then one evening he was visciously attacked and almost killed,Was hit on the head with a golf club and nearly died..............he had a near death experience.When we visited him in hospital he was like a child,so lost,so scared.He is 6ft 4 in,and as tough as they come ,not many would take him on.

    Some time later he rang me and said "Tell me about all this God stuff"so I did what I could and he listened.He has not become a Christian yet neither has he stopped drinking,but at least now he is trying,so he drinks less,is now in a stable relationship and they have a child who he adores.He has also visited a church......now he is asking his own questions.....so is his partner.

    Tetra when I say I can tell you many stories of people and their experiences well I can........not make believe but real.and from people from different backgrounds.

    Jesus builds His church it is not about buildings/organisations but people........LOVE.Love for God and your neighbor.Jesus loves us.There is a better way.

    We love you Tetra ,be assured you are in my prayers .

    2 Coll:8.Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit ,according to the tradition of men,according to the basic principles of the world,and not according to Christ.

    Bye Tetra I hope you find happiness ,I hope all of you do.


  • peacefulpete

    Tetra friend, Everyone can see from your comments that without the drugs you are a kind hearted intelligent person. Right now you scare me. Drugs cunsume a person, nothing matters but the drugs. They work on brain chemistry to create the illusion of well being and control. Get help. Please.

  • gumby
    Tetra will not die a sheep. He will have faced life as squarely and honestly and completely as he knew how. It won't be a painless life, but at least it will be authentic and honest and fully lived.

    He could also have a really bad moment and take his life.

    As far as this drugs and suicide thing goes.......non druggie christians take their lives everyday, believers, non believers, witnesses, sadly end their lives. Many use drugs and seem to cope as well as the next guy ( hard drugs excluded)

    Drugs do not always bring people to low and strange spots in there lives, ( hard drugs excluded)....but they are not the thing to do when your mind has no direction in leading you to a bettering yourself.( weed excluded)

    I think for ANY whose lives could have been better than it is now or will be.............would have been safer being a dub or a christian.... if a happier life was the result and you harmed no one else.

    Gumby.....hugs tet

  • oldflame

    Lets get something straight here. Some seem to lose sense of what a drug is or is not. Drugs are something man made, where several additives are made to create a "drug" Thing like weed, mushrooms, peyote etc... are not drugs but rather an herb. "Herb" meaning plant untouched by mans additives. Meth, Cocaine, Heroine these are drugs even though they started with a plant, they had additives put in them to create the drug. The same as the governments when creating medicines begin with an herb but ends as a drug because of the additives. So there are drugs and there are herbs.

    God say's to Adam in Gen:2-1 "Make use of all seed bearing plants, well Marijuana is a seed bearing plant, did man create the Marijuana plant ? Or did God create it ? I would have to agree with the later. God created the Valarium root but man created the Vallume (LOL) did I spell that right ? Got to make sure you spell it right as you might get criticized for it from all those perfect people you know !!!!!!

  • gumby
    Vallume (LOL) did I spell that right ? Got to make sure you spell it right as you might get criticized for it from all those perfect people you know !!!!!!

    It's Valium....ya big doo doo face!!!!!!


  • Narkissos

    Death is a central, albeit silent, character in the play. Everyone of us has to relate to it somehow. And if there is anything as "freedom" (even if it is nothing more than a character's freedom) it has much to do with how we relate to it.

    If we don't relate to death symbolically, through some sort of dramatic anticipation, we have to relate to it really and physically.

    This is by no means original, but I think the nauseating sickness of much of the social play is linked with the denial of death. Especially, our need to conceal it under a "safety" blanket. Who knows how many people this pushes to suicide, as being the only way to say what nobody wants to hear?

    Think of Jesus' loneliness in the garden of Gethsemani.

    Since, therefore, the children share flesh and blood, he himself likewise shared the same things, so that through death he might destroy the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil, and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by the fear of death. (Hebrews 2:14f).

    A friend of mine who spent a few years in Brazil once told me she was struck by the overwhelming presence of death -- she actually saw quite a few dead people in the streets -- and the rarity of the depressed, empty, absent faces which populate the Parisian subway. Coincidence?

  • gumby
    she actually saw quite a few dead people in the streets -- and the rarity of the depressed, empty, absent faces which populate the Parisian subway. Coincidence?

    Perhaps if the good lord would have made people who have deceased with big smiles on their faces........we wouldn't fear death at all. I think it is HOW we see people who have died that makes it a dreaded thing.

    Nark, you asked me onetime if it bothered me that there was no gumby (me) before I was born. I had to answer no to myself. I suppose I should view the future the same way.....but it's still tough to do so.


  • peacefulpete

    That's just stupid talk OldFlame. All chemical compounds can theoretically occur naturally, the harmful/nonharmful effects to humans are not determined by whether a plant or insect evolved a use for it. All the best poisons are derived from animal or plant sources. Hemlock is an 'herb', want some?

  • existentialist

    One can still find freedom and happiness without following a deity's commands.After all, you still have to adhere to a set of rules that govern over the belief system.They constantly talk of freedom,but there are always religious dues that one has to pay in the long run, IE: "don't do this, don't do that,abstain from this/that," etc.You have to please a deity before you please yourself. You constantly have to please the deity no matter how victimized to you may feel. But, like I said before, we were always free from the get go,and it's never the case that we are not.It's what we do with this freedom that determines our circumstances and therefore our happiness.
    Our happiness is our choice, not some deity's.

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