Hours of work, to get those talks right, and most people were not listening

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  • ballistic

    No, no, I took it all in guys. Does that make me doubly freakin weird. I listented and absorbed avery god damned word and fantisised about the new system. There. I said it. Do you hate me now?

  • serendipity

    Hi Dinah,

    Welcome to the forum!

  • Pistoff

    Get this:
    I was at Thursday night meeting of the CO visit; he actually swore (while speaking in the voice of someone who is blaming his mistake on someone else, as in a man who is an accident: "It was that dam* floor mat, not me")
    Of the 15 people I talked to after the meeting, only one had heard the swear word!

    What happened to the rest? Did they hear it and their mind suppress it?

  • Golf

    ditto tijkmo. In school, there was three of us that would stage acts and plays to entertain the class. We always managed to create some play's at a moments notice. We didn't have modern conveniences to stages plays, so we had to improvise. This improvisation helped me when I gave talks. I would do everything and anything to keep the audience awake.

    After attending an Elders class, we were asked to relate what we learned to the friends. When it came my turn to speak I brought this huge suitcase up with me on the platform. The suitcase was my 'carrot.' At no time did I reach or refer to what's in the suitcase, I was building up their anticipation. Some may have assumed that what we learned was a suitcas of information, well, I told them, what we learned is contained in this suitcase and they too have access to it.

    What was in the large suitcase?


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