Answer to Job (Is Yahweh a Narcissist?)

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  • frankiespeakin

    I came across this web site that discusses C. Jung's book "Answer to Job". here is a little clipping:

    God as Narcissist

    Job’s innocence is indeed righteous, and the tricky thing about his unfair fate, as Jung zeroes in on, is that the Devil made God do it. Somewhat like the serpent manipulating the first woman and man in the Garden of Eden, Satan challenges God to test Job’s faith by inflicting maximum suffering on this innocent civilian. Satan bets God that Job will then “curse thee to thy face.” God takes the wager, at the obvious and total expense of Job.

    But in Jung’s view God hasn’t just taken a wager, he’s taken the bait. Jung says that God has been suckered (“bamboozled”), and goes on to cast an extremely critical eye on the Old Testament Yahweh. He describes God’s “personality” and actions vis a vis Job in these words: unconscious, amoral, totally lacking in insight, savage, ruthless, revolting, touchy, suspicious, double-faced, jealous [Jung means here “envious”], despotic, intolerable, tantalizing, less than human, non compos mentis, clueless, a monster, etc. If God were a man–and Jung addresses and assesses him as such–Job would clearly be the better man. Furthermore, from Jung’s description God sounds like some sort of superhuman narcissistic personality disorder:

    Yahweh is no friend of critical thoughts which in any way diminish the tribute of recognition he demands....Yahweh needs the acclamation of a small group of people. One can imagine what would happen if this assembly suddenly decided to stop the applause: there would be a destructive rage, then a withdrawal into hellish loneliness and the torture of non-existence, followed by a gradual reawakening of an unutterable longing for something which would make him conscious of himself . (para. 575)


    His thunderings at Job so completely miss the point that one cannot help but see how much he is occupied with himself....Yahweh has no interest whatever in Job’s cause but is far more preoccupied with his own affairs. (paras. 587-8)

    At the same time, this God is so lacking in self-definition that

    It is as if he existed only by reason of the fact that he has an object which assures him that he is really there. (para. 574)

    In this picture of primitive, almost malignant narcissism and marginal identity, God acts out his apparently desperate mirroring needs and narcissistic rage on Job. From a different perspective: Yahweh has a selfobject transference to man.

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    Very, very interesting.

    Nice to "see" you Frankie, how've you been? I was wondering about you.

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    Well my GF keeps me plenty occupied these days so I havn't been able to really sit at a computor for any lenth of time, she tantric and we have been doing it alot, . I see JWD is still going strong.

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    Hi Frankiespeaking,

    Good to see you back. We've missed your posts. I'm glad all seems to be well with you.


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    Hi frankie. I was wondering about you too. Tantrica, eh? Yabyum? You lucky bastard. The job article is interesting, too.


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    Yeah my gf teaches tantra but doesn't like name so she uses her own phrasiology which she terms "Loop Quantum Magnitism", and she is very gifted, and loves to talk about sex. Yeah so i guess I am a lucky bastard.

    I came across this site and JWD came to mind, as I know many would like Jung's opinion on Job.

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    Glad to see you again.


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    Hi frankie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How ya doin'???

    The book of Job approaches Yahweh like a person breaking up with a long-time love....wild swings of love, frustration, anger, etc. back and forth. Job is caught in a catch-22: he knows he did nothing wrong so his afflictions cannot be divine punishment for wrongdoing (as his friends think), but this leaves only a very unsavory concept: that God is just toying with Job, like a cat with a mouse. Job knows that he cannot question Yahweh's decisions and call him unjust because Yahweh is God and he is a mere mortal, and God is both judge and executioner. Job struggles to find a logical explanation that avoids concluding that Yahweh is a monster, while at the same time maintaining his innocence. It's a quite interesting struggle of the soul and the mind to read. The poem originally lacked the Elihu and Yahweh speeches at the end, and the "whirlwind" Yahweh speeches, which should be the climax of the book, are actually anticlimactic despite their beauty because they fail to resolve the central question....Why is Yahweh doing this to Job? Yes, yes, Job knows that you're Almighty and the Creator of everything and have all power to yourself, and Job confesses this just as he has throughout the whole book. The failure of these speeches to answer the central question is thus likely the reason why the poem was inserted into a narrative frame, the story about the adversary, the Satan, who is the actual cause of the trouble, who believes that Job is only faithful to Yahweh because he has things so good. This provides the rationalization for Job's treatment that is missing throughout the whole book....even in the speeches by Yahweh where he would be expected to explain himself.

  • Spectre

    Well obviously this "Jung" guy is demonized, and even worse, probably a secularist!!!

    Actually, I have a lot of Jung's books, great stuff.

  • TopHat

    From another thread, I understand that it was the Catholic church which added Job to the Bible books. Perhaps Job is one book that really does NOT belong in the Bible scriptures because of it's fantasy and Mythological implication?

    I am not a Bible I am just guessing here.

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