Will the new system be uncrowded?

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  • Nate Merit
  • moshe

    Headline at Nationalgeographic-dot-com today:

    "Mini Ice Age" May Be Coming Soon, Sea Study Warns

    All of us better plan on finding a warm place to live soon- before the rents go up.


  • fairchild

    Will the new system be uncrowded?

    hmm.. will I find enough ways to spend my 10 million dollars?

    See, I think I have more chance of winning 10 million dollars, than seeing a new system.

    But serious.. a JW told me once that there is more than enough space on earth to accomodate everyone who has ever lived, because people only occupy a small portion of the earth, as other areas like deserts and the rain forest and such are no good places to live right now, but in the "new system" the paradise will be all over and nature's conditions will make it possible for people to live everywhere. I guess that would make sense, but anyone can make up a fairy tale.

  • TopHat

    Someone spoke of housing, that begs the question...did Adam and Eve have a house? Where did they sleep?

  • Leolaia

    I touched on the same subject a year ago:


    Not only will the world be overpopulated, but can you imagine the couples raised from the dead who suddenly have 10 infants to care for?

  • jgnat

    Procreation will be out. And you live virtually forever. So will your children. There's only one way for such a population to grow, and that's explosively.

  • Carmel

    This is the "new system". Looks crowded to me!


  • M.J.

    Thanks for the link, Leo. Your analysis and breakdown of the matter is darn impressive. Everyone go check out Leo's link now.

  • existentialist

    Doesn't make sense.If we are to "never die" then how will we live with one another? Think about it, we'll eventually be shoved together like sardines in a can. Bunk, I tell ya.

  • serendipity

    Hi existentialist,

    Welcome to the forum.

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