Will we carry on living after death?

by greendawn 22 Replies latest jw friends

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    Greendawn, I'm having a tough time living the life I lead now, what chances do I have when I'm dead? (humor intended)


  • gumby
    Bible teaching is however explicit and clear. However fundamentalists systematically misinterpret it and even contradict what it plainly says.

    Sure it is Jaffcake....that's why we have 15 billion christian sects each with a different slant on doctrine.....because gods word is crystal clear. All fundamentalist you speak of don't really try to understand the scriptures because they are selfishly bent on contradicting, and misusing/ misinterpreting gods sacred word as you said.

    Sorry for rippin on you but Jesus! Your making it sound as though it's simple and others just don't see it. I believe others really try just like you do and when they come to different conclusions.... their not "fundamentalists", but rather people who see the scriptures different than do you.


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