Should jws drink COLA COLA?

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  • whyamihere
    I'm with Brooke. I need it too, and it makes wonderful farts.

    Well with that being said...JH you are all alone!


  • JH

    Sending the wind towards Brooke

  • blondie

    Long before Coca Cola developed their Santa campaign

    Merry Old Santa Claus: Harpers Weekly January 1, 1881

    Thomas Nast Santa

    In 1863, political cartoonist Thomas Nast began a series of annual drawings in Harper's Weekly which were based on the descriptions found in the poem and Washington Irving's work. These drawings established a rotund Santa with flowing beard, fur garments, and an omnipresent clay pipe. As Nast drew Santas until 1886, his work had considerable influence in forming the American Santa Claus.

  • bigmouth

    thanks blondie, I stand corrected

  • BluesBrother

    Courtesy of the "Snopes" site , in answer the very same question. After explaining what Blondie showed above :

    All this isn't to say that Coca-Cola didn't have anything to do with cementing that image of Santa Claus in the public consciousness. The Santa image may have been standardized before Coca-Cola adopted it for their advertisements, but Coca-Cola had a great deal to do with establishing Santa Claus as a ubiquitous Christmas figure in America at a time when the holiday was still making the transition from a religious observance to a largely secular and highly commercial celebration. In an era before color television (or commercial television of any kind), color films, and the widespread use of color in newspapers, it was Coca-Cola's magazine advertisements, billboards, and point-of-sale store displays that exposed nearly everyone in America to the modern Santa Claus image. Coca-Cola certainly helped make Santa Claus one of the most popular men in America, but they didn't invent him.
  • greendawn

    I agree with Enigma, all sodas (called soft drinks in the UK) are basically sugar solutions with some artificial colours and flavourings, why not go for the real thing, fruit juices?

    OK coke has a unique taste it's not a fruit juice imitation, but why do whyamihere and JH depend on it so much? Is it the caffeine? That you can get from coffee too.

    The superstitious, pedantic dubs shouldn't drink cokes since that company promotes paganism LOL

  • whyamihere
    but why do whyamihere and JH depend on it so much? Is it the caffeine? That you can get from coffee too.

    Well I love Coke it is a simple pleasure. Caffeine you say? Oh no trust me I need more caffeine than that. Yes I know all the bad points to coke. However, I am not one to go to Mc Donald's or Fast food joints all the time. I cook at home and my cooking is very healthy. Lots of fish and Chicken and rice. I don't have health problems. I am very healthy. I work out at least 3 times a week for 90 minutes to 3 hours.

    Coke gets me by. It gives me something to enjoy. I come from a family where Alcohol flows through our blood and I choose to have a coke than to drink until I get drunk like the rest of them. Which is better while watching kids... Beer or Coke?

    I do alot of Calorie counting and I make sure I burn what I drink...and to me it is worth it!


  • JH

    I never drink coffee nor tea, so, I don't see anything wrong in drinking 3 full glasses of coke a day. As for sugar, my glucose level is normal. Have a coke and a smile...

  • minimus

    Obviously drinking "coke" is wrong because it's origin is cocaine.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Only if it's heavily laced with Jack Daniel's.

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