I think we needed to laugh...

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  • cruzanheart

    Sparky, we have a WONDERFUL psychiatrist for Jackson -- I highly recommend him. He's expensive but will direct you to Jewish Family Services, as he did us, where they have a sliding scale and are under his supervision. If you want his phone number, let me know.

    Lots of hugs for you and your wonderful family,


  • jeanniebeanz

    Hi, Sparky.

    Life is such a roller-coaster some times. I cannot imagine how you deal with this on a daily basis. My son's are 7 and 17, both have ADHD and are SOOOOO moody. Just the normal teenage stuff is hard to deal with at times. It's hard to know what to say, and even harder when you feel like you always have to be on their case to get anything accomplished.

    Good, God... I have had 20 minute arguments with my boys on why they had to take a bath, only to have to growl at them for using all the hot water in the heater 45 min later... lol Their typical response: "Why are you always on my case?" or "Why can't you just leave me alone." this is usually followed an hour later with, "Sorry, mom." and a hug. In fact I have taken to asking him first thing in the morning, "So, am I a good mom or a witch today? I just want to know how to set my mood..."

    The depression is the hardest thing to deal with though. Hearing, "life sucks." a thousand times a day is hard. Asking my son to rinse out his milk glass and being told, "Why do I have to do everything around here?" is frustrating. I took my older son to a psychiatrist when the depression first started and he had that poor shrink so wrapped around his finger inside of 10 minutes it was scary. Teenagers are so smart! And very good at manipulating even a trained professional.

    It's probably a good thing that your shrink was a fruit loop. Fruits are hard for teens to figure out and manipulate; they don't follow the normal stimulus response pattern that they have learned to control... hahahahaha.... Maybe, I can get a referral?

    My small (annoying) issues are nothing compared to what you are going through with your boy. Just saying, in a very small way, I've got a glimpse of your pain.



  • Sparkplug

    I just needed to come back to this topic to say Thank You to all the people who posted and gave advice and cheered me up. I tok a few days off from this and another topic because it was too much to deal with. So I say thank you today and I am dealing with it much better.

    So is he. Day by day!

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