We Need To ... "Know Jehovah!"

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  • tfs

    To all Jehovah's Witnesses:

    What is our problem to day, given the present-day delemma/crisis facing each one of us today?

    As I review most of the comments of brothers today, it seems incomprehensible to many JWs and
    and interested outsiders as well to consider the fact that God's People can fail miserably.

    It happened in the past, and it can happen again.

    Jehovah's Witnesses, have also failed, too. They have missed the mark.

    They must now, "search for Jehovah." Search.

    Their hierarchy has failed them... even the WTS Headquarters staff...the presumed FDS.

    Okay, so we must accept hard facts...

    HARD FACT: The WTS is a false prophet, and is not the FDS as so claimed.

    Accept that fact. Call "a spade, a spade."

    But, now we are brought to some harsh realities,

    But still, we must come to know this,

    ANOTHER FACT: "Know Jehovah." -- Hebrews 8:11

    Do we as christians, really, "know Jehovah..." do we?

    Where have we found ourselves, without the WTS to guide us...

    Did the WTS "teach us," to "Know Jehovah!"...Did they?

    We remember, Paul said at Hebrews 8:11,

    "And they will by no means teach each one his fellow citizens and each one his brother, saying: "Know Jehovah!" For they will all know me, from the least one to the greatest one of them."

    As recipients of the New Covenant, the actual fulfillment of the Covenant was to PRODUCE A PEOPLE FOR GOD


    has this occurred, I ask?

    Do we really, "Know Jehovah!", or do we NEED SOMEONE TO TEACH US ALL ABOUT HIM AGAIN?

    Have we fulfilled the Christian Covenant, the New Covenant administered by Christ?

    Can we say, as Christ, that we "know Jehovah!"?

    Do we "know Jehovah!"?

    It seems we have the same problem of those of ancient Israel, too,

    They did not "Know Jehovah!" either, and this after hundreds and hundreds of years studying His Laws, principles, standards...studying His ways, His dealings, hearing his "prophets," the words they would speak... and still,

    they did not come to "Know Jehovah!"...

    But still, God made the promise for them too...

    As we read at Jeremiah 31:34,

    "And they will no more teach each one his companion and each one his brother, saying, "Know Jehovah!" For they will all of them know me, from the least one of them even to the greatest one of them," is the utterance of Jehovah... for I shall forgive their error and their sin I shall remember no more."

    That promise was held out to ancient Israel...because the nation had not come to "Know Jehovah!"

    Are we not, in the same position today, even though we claim to be "christian"?

    Jesus reminded Israel of this fact, when he came, in the 17th chapter of John, verses 25, 26...when he said

    "righteous father, the world [kosmos, Jewish system] HAS NOT COME TO KNOW YOU..."

    Why have we not come to "Know Jehovah!"

    Why can we not see that Jehovah God is going to "reward each one according to his behavior," just at the Bible promises...

    The WTS is not exempt...the fake FDS...

    Remember, Jehovah God, is going to DEFEND HIS NAME, no matter what...

    He will defend His honor, glory, His Great Illuustrious Name...

    We will KNOW THIS, is we have

    "come to Know Jehovah!"

    Do we "Know Jehovah!", I ask?


  • Carmel

    I hear Mary "knew" Jehovah!

    See what it got her!


  • Roamingfeline

    You know, I KNOW there has to be a point in there somewhere, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what it has to do with the price of tea in china. [8>]


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  • RedhorseWoman

    RCat, I'm sure it's that we must know Jehovah. I'm sure of it.

  • Seven

    And those who are acting wickedly against the covenant, he will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. But as regards the people who are knowing their God, they will prevail and act effectively.Dan 11:32 Or something like that.

  • Roamingfeline

    Oh, I get it, Seven!!!! So, in essence, we're being paid a very high complement as God's people, because we have acted effectively and prevailed! Gee, it's good to know we're still the chosen ones.


  • Seven

    tfs, You ask, Can we say as Christ, that we "know Jehovah?" Why not, if there is " one Mediator between Jehovah and man, the man Christ Jesus?" Isn't this the message of the whole book of Hebrews? After hearing of Jesus and accepting the price he paid for the world's salvation, one would not need any other help in approaching Jehovah. There could be no one nearer to him than Jesus. It would be pointless to look to mere men for guidance.

  • Roamingfeline

    Good point, 7. And well made! Game and Match! Bravo!


  • tfs

    Hi "7":

    And those who are acting wickedly against the covenant, he will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. But as regards the people who are knowing their God, they will prevail and act effectively.Dan 11:32 Or something like that.
    Ahh...you speak of the future...future events, with an UNIDENTIFIABLE "king of North" being the main culprit here...

    Who then, today, are we to imagine this one to be, the one that is the "he" mentioned above, the "he" that uses the "smooth words," that lead the "Covenant-breakers" down, down, down "into [the lowest depths of real] apostasy" in God's eyes? ... the "mark of the beast"? Whose the main target here? Do you know?

    Do you really, "Know Jehovah", "7"?

    And , who will "prevail and act effectively," during this critical, time of crisis, that lies before us?

    Surely, you do not claim to be among those with the needed spiritual "insight", which will enable you to act "effectively" against this future adversary...do you?...surely you do not claim to really, "know Jehovah," do you?

    Ahh, yes, Amos 3:7...Jehovah does "reveals his confidential matters"...to those close to him, those that "know" Him. Do you claim to one of those privileged ones? Yes, JAH does not do a single thing, without FIRST, first, "revealing" his "confidential matters", to those who are close to him...those that really "Know Him," the "prophets," ... are you among that group, "7"?


  • Frenchy

    Are you claiming to be among that elite group?

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

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