May WT A. Morris 3rd life story

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    I wonder why these guys never talk about being anointed.  Immortal heavenly life as rulers would have to be the greatest blessings they have received.

    As I look back on my life, I deeply appreciate that Jehovah has always taken care of me. For example, the very day Jim found out that I was living  out of my car, he put me in contact with a sister who owned a boarding house. I truly believe that Jehovah used Jim and that dear sister to provide a nice place for me to stay. Jehovah is so kind! He takes care of his faithful worshippers.

    This deluded fellow thinks that God arranged everything for him to have a nice place to live,  whilst a war was till raging on with children being slaughtered.  I love that phrase that JWs say "I truly believe" which really just means that I have convinced myself.   

    More delusion is evident when he speaks about his soon to be wife studying a secondary Watchtower article and believing that this proved she was a spiritual person.  But his words about loving his precious wife fall flat when he starts talking about her dislike to flying but makes her do it anyway.

    Susan says that comments from other wives of Governing Body members, given in a loving way, have helped her to be determined to support me as much as possible. She certainly has done that, and I love her for it.

    This comment irks me on so many levels.  He makes is sound that his wife Susan doesn't have any other female friends and certainly none that could possibly give her any better advise than another wife of a Governing Body member.  These GB men are so lucky to have the best and most supportive wives in the world.  It is not a hard job at all when you compare it against the many Elders who have to hold down a full time job, care for their house and family and carry out all their JW duties.  He should actually be worried that his wife has to look for support from the other GB's wives.

    I wonder if he'll ever get any grandchildren. 


    Why is he Anthony Morris the Third ?

    Who was Anthony Morris the First and Second?

    Why do you have this attachment to your name ?

    Are we going to mix you up with Anthony Morris the IV V X ???

    King Louis the IV of France !

    Ivan the Terrible

    Wacko the First  

  • antes8080
    in some talks he said he was a boxer no mention here, such a liar.
  • clarity

    Seems to have a 'John Wayne' affect to his voice, along with that cocky little lip sneer as he talks out of the side of his mouth!  Tough guy I guess.  The T Morris the Third thing is so pretentious!


  • jwleaks

    Didn't read the full article but did manage to pick up the subliminal highlights.

    Remembering My First Love

    As told by Anthony Morris III

    ...As a young person, I had some exposure...

    ...I asked him, “What is that?”...

    ...I felt a need...

    ...A senior nurse approached me...and yelled, “You’re not going to be one of them, are you?”...

    ...Now let me tell you about a very personal matter—my first love...

    ...I recall a special day in the spring of 1971. I had recently been evicted from the condom...

    ...I had just spent most of my check on dress clothes...

    ...I could hear and vividly see young men begging me, “Am I going to make it? Am I going to make it?”...

    ...At that point, my heart overflowed with love for...the deepest part...

    ...people do terrible things. I was no exception...

    ...I must confess, however, that...I was not very first love...burned so strongly within me...I dearly love my brothers...and forcefully shared...with them. I later had to apologize for my insensitive manner...

    ...I have many wonderful memories of outstanding elders with whom I served...

    ...In my office I am surrounded by many pictures that mean so much to me! They remind me of what a great life I have enjoyed. I have already received many wonderful rewards for doing my best to remember my first love.

  • Stealth

    So Anthony Morris III has first hand knowledge of he horrors of war and the smell of burning human flesh, yet he looks forward to the time when his first love Jehovah will turn 99.9% of humanity into human hotdogs. 

  • Stealth

    "In war, people do terrible things. I was no exception."  

    Makes one wonder what skeletons Tony has in the closet that he wants to blame on war?


    Why does he specify that a "male nurse" was taking his blood pressure? Who cares??



    Who care about his stupid life story either? Does anyone read this crap?


  • ToesUp

    "Why does he specify that a "male nurse" was taking his blood pressure? Who cares??"

    Hey Data-Dog...maybe the male nurse had tight pants/or spanx on!!! lol

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