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    "A People for His Name" by Timothy White is an early, but still excellent, book about the history of the JWs.

    Here is a page containing portions from the book.


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    Yes...this book is an oft-overlooked gem, and somewhat hard to come by these days. What is so brilliant about this book is that it clearly presents in easy-to-understand language the theology of Pastor Russell and the eschatological expectations of the Bible Students, and then shows year by year how Rutherford proceeded to dismantle almost the entire theological system, centralize bureaucratic power to himself, and develop his own new "Theocracy". Thoroughly documented, and an easy read. Highly recommended.

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    Google returned a review of the book written by Nate Merit, poster here at JWD and author of "Jehovah Unmasked"

    A people for His name;: A history of Jehovah's Witnesses and an evaluation by Timothy White

    This Book Is THE Source For a History of Jehovah's Witnesses, September 27, 2005
    Timothy White had a unique opportunity to write a candid, objective, and honest history of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and he took that opportunity and ran with it.

    Raised as a Jehovah's Witness, Timothy White was granted direct access to Watchtower files of all kinds, because the Watchtower Society thought he was simply writing another "Gee whiz ain't it great to serve Jehovah!" book. Unfortunately for the Watchtower Society, but fortunately for the rest of us, Timothy White chose the higher ground of genuine scholarship.

    This book has been the foundation upon which many another history and expose' of the Watchtower Society has been built. Such as Raymond Franz's much more recent book A Crisis Of Conscience, wherein Franz openly credits Timothy White.

    It is unlikely such a book as this will ever be written again, because the Watchtower Society has closed it's secret files to one and all.
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    Yes...this book is an oft-overlooked gem, and somewhat hard to come by these days.

    Yeah, I'll say! It's on ebay now with a starting bid of $2,000.00!

  • Leolaia

    I don't recall any use of "secret files" in White's book. Most of the info he cited came from the WT and Golden Age/Consolation, plus conference reports and the books.

    I have the whole book xeroxed in my filing cabinet. It would be really nice to have a hard copy tho.

  • Justin

    I was able to read the book in a library, and appreciated it very much.

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    I found the first three chapters online listed here

    It says to be added to later so not sure if they will add the whole book in time or not.


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    The large quantities that went out did not always produce results satisfying to Russell. Said he in 1903, “Good results have come—though far less than we hoped for them from the vast quantity of printed matter thus circulated.” He was constantly put to it to devise means by which the tracts could be used more effectively and with less waste. He advised against using them for colored people or Roman Catholics, believing them to be less intelligent or open-minded than white Protestants.

    I found this statement to be an eye opener as too how their was a definate prejudice prevalent in Russel. I find it hard to believe that a christian could think such ways when the scriptures warn us from developing such views of eliteness among our fellow humans. From what I read in thoese first three chapter he seemed like a decent person, although somewhat misguided and a bit arrogant in his self views. A definate difference from the mindset of Rutherford though, in which Rutherford most certainly ruled with an iron fist which clasped tighter and tighter around the Organization. Interesting how sects start out and can overtime develop into cult like organizations. Wouldn't mind reading this book if one could find it.


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    I have a xeroxed copy too. It really is an excellent read.

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