A funny way to stop the door knockers!

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  • caz

    My last 2 posts have been so sad that I thought I would tell you about something that I remembered once when the JW"s came a calling.

    I guess it would have been funny if it wasn't so darn embarassing!!

    When I was younger i was trying to 'get fit' and had taken to doing aerobics in my loungeroom.

    I didn't own a leotard so I wore a full peice swimming costume with tites underneath.

    On this day I was in the middle of a routine that required me to be on my hands and knees on the floor, when there was a knock at my door.

    I jumped up to answer it and found 2 elderly gentlemen, ( JW's) standing there. They were just about to start their speech when one of them quickly said, " we have obviously caught you at a bad time, we will come back another day" and with that, they practically ran up my driveway and down the street!!

    I was somewhat confused by this until as I walked back into my house and i looked down and saw that both of my boobs had popped out over the top of my costume and must have been sitting there when i had answered the door!!

    Well they never did return, infact I asked my sister who was a JW at the time and she told me that my house had been put on a " do not return" list!!!!! LOL!

    So that is a suggestion for all of you wanting to stop the visits!!! It really works!!! Tee hee hee!


  • carla

    Hilarious! I needed a good laugh this morning!

  • rebel8

    Someone on a non-JW forum once told me her son saw JWs working their way down the street. He put on some chant music, turned off the lights, lit candles, and put on a wizard costume. Then he answered the door like nothing was amiss and the JWs freaked out.

  • oldflame

    Gee I wished I was knocking on your door, I would not of run but said " Nice tits girlfriend" LOL

  • exjdub

    That is a scream, caz! I didn't think you could get put on a DNC list that easily. The Dubs nowadays are getting soft!


  • skinnyboy

    ah my one wish that never came true, i prayed incessantly for it to happen...

    good one, you do realise those old fellas went back to their house had a nip of brandy and relived that fleeting glance of Babylon the Great!

  • TopHat

    Thank goodness they weren't pedophiles....they would have back after hours. I mean field service.

  • Elsewhere

    I wonder if shuffling to the door with my pants around my ankles will accomplish the same thing.

  • forsharry

    This place is great. Everyday I get to laugh so hard I cry. Caz. Today you submitted the story that made my day.

    Forsharry the Cross-Eyed Cat

  • lonelysheep

    LMAO! Oh, that was good!

    (must buy dominatrix costume before saturday a.m. to follow the wizard idea)

  • Sheepish

    Caz, you ought to send that into a ladies magazines (Redbook or McCalls or Woman's World) for the column on "Most embarrassing moments!" That is tooo funny! It would be hard to say who was more embarraassed though!

  • Gretchen956


    That is just too funny! Thanks for sharing.


  • Mysterious

    I remember a sister refusing to go to a door because there was a dead mouse on the walkway once, could probably get a rubber one. Hehe.

    I remember one householder that mooned our entire car group as well. It would have been better if he hadnt spat on me the next day at school as well.

    I also heard a story told about a witness that said "I'll be brief" and the guy said "so will I" and dropped his pants. I do remember a guy answering the door in a towel from the shower that was err bulging strategically

  • Riverview

    A very similar thing happened to me when I was knocking on doors...I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to do so I just kept on doing my presentation and politely left after she said no - not interested.


  • dezpbem

    Lonelysheep said

    (must buy dominatrix costume before saturday a.m. to follow the wizard idea)

    OMG, if you wear a dominatrix costume to the party saturday...

    Eh hem...I better not drink too much! Hic.. LOL!

  • lonelysheep
    OMG, if you wear a dominatrix costume to the party saturday...

    LOL! Badazz!

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