Arranged marriages - What do you think??

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  • PaulJ

    I cant understand the thought behind arranged marriages. I can see why parent would say want to influence the school you go to, but not the person you marry! Marriage should be for life.... and you alone can make the decision who you marry.

    by the way- Hi Mum!!

  • Gerard

    I would be in favor of arranged marriages if you hitch me with Meg Ryan

  • metatron

    I once read an article on arranged marriage that made me think in new ways about it. For example, a young woman

    from a culture that practised this asked her foreign peers , "Are you going to get married?" They replied that they hoped to.

    She then replied that "in our country, there's no doubt or uncertainty because it's arranged". She also humbly offered

    that her older parents would probably show more practical judgement about choosing someone than anyone of her age would.

    Also, she said that women were not forced to compete and denigrate each other in fighting for a husband.

    It made a lot of sense ..... but it would be quite a lot for most people to accept.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thanks Tez

    I think some mothers might push an early marriage because they want the "wedding they never had"

    In the JWs I think the lack of marriagable men is a factor in so many marrying young.

    And the fears/urges about sex force a lot of people into it early.

    I can't say I know any JW parents besides my mother who arranged it

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    I think arranged marriages rank just behind ritual human sacrifice in terms of social utility.

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