Jehovah's Witnesses requesting financial transparency in Spain

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  • JHK

    Two Jehovah's Witnesses requesting financial transparency in Spain Branch.  

    One picture in the Assembly Hall and another on the bridge.

  • konceptual99
    Great sentiments but I can't imagine that the WTS are quaking in their boots or the Spanish media are rushing to publicise things.
  • sparrowdown

    Transperency ...hmm, what a novel concept for the GB.

    AM3 says " You show me yours, and I still won't show you mine."

  • smiddy

    I would love to see an English translation of the link , and I`m sure you would too .


  • insidetheKH
    if they love transparency that much,.. why do those lunatics look like foreign ISIS fighters? retards
  • joe134cd
    It ain't going to happen.
  • JHK

    God helps them that help themselves.

    It ain't going to happen.

  • _Morpheus

    Let me first say I applaud the basic premise: financial transparency from the WT.  I think it would absolutly stun average dubbies.

    That said, the initial tittle of this post is misleading.  When i read "jehovahs witnesses Requesting fincial transparency" the impression is that a large group of witness is pushing for such. While the number two does technically merit a plural form of discussion it hardly represents any noteworthy movement of jehovahs witnesses in Spain, or in any other country for that matter. 

    Then there is the manner of the request.  A request for fincial transparency is usually associated with legal documents and formal requests. The answer to such would be either a written refusal with some perfunctory explanation or documents laying out the fincial records of the institution petitioned to provided such.  This is two masked people with a bed sheet in front of a kingdom hall, at night, with no one else around to see or actually make a formal reply.  Assuming there is a camera person and its not simply on A tripod we have a grand total of three people taking a picture in front of a kingdom hall at night. 

    Then there is the matter of them being masked.  Official requests for transparncy, by their nature, have names of people and organizations attached to them. This is important because there has to be some basis for the request.  Often it would share holders of a corporation or even the government making such a request but at times other outside interested parties may attempt to get fincial records... However they have to show cause.  Thus names are important.  Given that the two visiable persons in the first picture are masked we cannot identify them and confirm that they are indeed members of the organization of Jehovahs Witnesses, which would give them some standing to be interested in that organizations fincial transparency.

    For these reasons,  I submit that two masked people holding a bed sheet at night in front of an unoccupied kingdom hall in some undisclosed spanish speaking place does not actually fit the discription proposed in the tittle of this thread.

  • Magnum
    insidetheKHif they love transparency that much,.. why do those lunatics look like foreign ISIS fighters? retards

    Because, if they're JWs, they can't be transparent. They're not allowed to speak out against or doubt "mother" in any way. The JW organization doesn't allow free speech. The org is like North Korea - no criticism allowed. JWs are only supposed to praise the great leaders. There is an atmosphere of fear within.

  • flipper
    MAGNUM states, " JWs are only supposed to praise the great leaders. there is an atmosphere of FEAR within . "  Exactly. One reason these men in the picture are wearing masks. Peace out. Mr. Flipper

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