PIMI wife is not like normal women or mothers who have that natural affect.

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  • wannabefree

    I've noticed this with my wife too. She loves out children without a doubt, but it's different. It seems to lack genuine closeness and affection.

    I was a convert to the religion at age of 20 .... I had started dating a cute non-practicing JW girl in high school, yep, I got sucked in ... But I had a fairly normal, happy, loving family life, so this lack of love that I observed didn't seem right, but believing it's the truth let's you tolerate and excuse the inexcusable.

    Being able to cut off a child at the direction of a religion, it's hard to comprehend. I never had to do it, I wondered at times if I would be able to if that time ever came, I'm glad it didn't.

    Maybe some JW parents keep the parental relationship somewhat emotionally distant for that reason.

  • pale.emperor

    My mother’s the same. She even shuns my autistic younger brother who simply left because he refused to shun me.

    But she’s used as an example in conventions so she’s happy.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Quick comment - not had chance to read through everything.

    From my observations since 1992 - the odd mindset is the result of supestition compounded by a dreadful confidence trick. The superstition is based on WAITING. Almost Buddhist-like.

    From the persepective of an indoctrinated WT publisher, they have compelling reasons to TRUST the media organization, which is Watchtower.

    Much like people wont speak against political correctness because a view has been expressed through that which is deemed a trustworthy form of media, (even if it opposes Jesus Christ's own words), Watchtower people wont speak out against currently published material.

    Watchtower people expect 'new light'.

    Non-Watchtower people expect other things, for example that those in power will 'learn lessons.'

    The difference between Watchtower and non-Watchtower people is that non-Watchtower people are not necessarily claiming to be the spokesman for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Therefore they do not have same effectiviness at overruling the words of Jesus Christ in the crafty way that Watchtower does.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    This is a sad account of a wife who committed suicide because she never felt she was doing enough. I have also witnessed this power of constant repetition and seen how it can alter people's personalities.

    One bro I know calls it 'beans on toast'. You go along expecting a nice spiritual meal but all you ever get is beans on toast. Ok its boring but constantly going on and on telling people to achieve unachievable things makes them unhinged.

    To a lesser or greater extent it affects all of us UNTIL we realise we are being conned. Then it doesn't affect you but if your family are still in, you have to live watching them getting damaged. That is upsetting.


  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    The org seems to attract- or nurture narcissistic personalities, full of their own importance despite having accomplished next to nothing in the real world.

    Good Mums are usually self-sacrificing and put their kids first, support their dreams and foster talents. I cant recall many JW Mums that fit this description.

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