Did you know that George Benson is a JW?

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  • Kent

    Did you know that the Jass musican George Benson is a JW?

    Well, he is.



  • TheApostleAK

    Also remember or read somewhere that the Bassist from the 60's group "Sly and the family stone" is a JW.


    kent - do you know anyone who cares about george benson being a witness?


  • Gopher

    Mr. Benson has been associated with "the org" since at least the 80's.

    ApostleAK: You are referring to Larry Graham. His article "I Found One in a Million", his life story, appeared in the Awake! a few years back. He is still active in the western side of the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota, USA). He had recently been studying with the Minneapolis pop music icon "Prince". I don't know (or care) if that is still ongoing.

    I-ching, sorry to contribute to this phenomenon. I find it fascinating and horrifying at the same time when the JW culture and the American pop culture intersect.

    Gopher (who is not a member of any fan club)

  • waiting

    Hey Kent,

    To address Iching's scathing criticism - there are a decent amount of jw's (who like music) and point to George Benson as "their bro." I know - one is/was a friend of our family. Talk about him constantly. These same jw's will drop a popular name as fast as the next worldly person to be able to say "he's one of us, you know."

    Too bad Michael Jackson *kinda* wigged out - he was the charm boy at first - now they won't even mention his name.

    What ever happened to the young black actress in "Get Kristy Love". She gave her "life story" in an Awake! also.

    Isn't a famous news reporter also supposed to be a jw now?

    Thanks Kent.


  • Gopher


    Teresa Graves is the actress who portrayed "Christy Love", that police-woman type.

    Last time I saw her was in about '76 when she was on morning talk-show "Good Morning America" with David Hartman. She was almost in tears describing the fate of JW's in Malawi. (Oh, if only she knew they didn't need to go through it! See "Crisis of Conscience".)

    She slipped into anonymity pioneering in California. Haven't heard from her since. The difference between her and the others: she gave up the 'celebrity' bit right away upon converting.

  • larc

    Years ago the pulp fiction writer, Micky Spillaine was a Witness. His personality and steamy detective novels certinly didn't fit the Witness image. Even in the Society, it must be true that money talks and BS walks.

  • ShaunaC

    My ex husband met George Benson once while visiting friends in San Jose, CA, which was where his home cong. was. He said he was very nice. Apparently he tried not to tour to much now so that it doesn't take too much time away from the org. YEAH RIGHT!

    Interestingly, George Benson has come to Fresno, where I live, many times to perform jazz concerts at outdoor venues. Many of my ex JW friends went to his concerts. I was told that if you showed the security your "no blood" card they would let you back stage to meet George himself. Always found that kinda funny!

    Just sharing...

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  • waiting

    hey larc,

    My husband has met Mickey Spillane before. The "real" jw's don't talk highly of him. He wears those Hawaiian (sp?) shirts to the KH, etc. Very independent minded. My husband said he gave a talk in one of those shirts - didn't go over too well. He lives in the Myrtle Beach area.

    But you're right, even with the steamy novels (certainly not spiritually upbuilding?) he's (to my knowledge) a jw in good standing.

    Odd fellow.


  • RR

    I met George Benson year agao when the Society purchased the Stanley Theater in Jersey City, New Jersey, we were cleaning the tiolets together.

    Did you know that the Wayans Family are Jehovah's Witnesses, well except of course the "kids" Marlon, Keenan and Damon, who left to pursue their own careers.

    Less Religion and more Jesus!

  • OrangeBlossom

    I heard Teresa Graves left the BORG.

    Vince Gill's ex-wife, Janice Gill is a JW.

    My brother met George Benson a couple of years ago and he is still a JW.

    Heard that Prince and Chaka Khan are studying. According to George Benson, Larry Graham is/was studying with Prince.

    That's all I can think of for now.

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  • claudia


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  • Gopher

    Claudia, Teresa Graves was an actress on TV back in the 1960's and 70's. (See my earlier post.) Before "Christy Love", she appeared on the weekly comedy show "Laugh-In", kind of a "Saturday Night Live" for its time.

    Vince Gill is a country-western singer (and not a fish organ).

    Gopher, endlessly fascinated by JW-Pop culture tie-ins

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