The best and worst Travelling Overseers in the UK

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  • besty

    David Algar was 'on the rails' last time I saw him as DO at Hayes Bridge prolly around 2006/7

  • slimboyfat

    This was the thread. Longer ago than I thought... I guess it was not true then!

    (Don't know why my links are not clickable)

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Went to a KH dedication about 2007 and David Algar gave the talk. I was under the impression he was in Bethel at the time. He remembered my family from way back, in fact he came to our wedding.

    John Flack I remember (plus Jean, his lovely wife) when he was our CO. He stayed with us on one visit. The Chanel No. 5 lingered for weeks after they left!


  • usualusername

    Dave Algar was hilarious. He wife was lovely too.

    District Overseer Carter was hilarious. He died sadly.

    Colin Conradi.

    South African I believe. Was he liked or not?

  • cedars

    Colin Conradie was actually from Zimbabwe originally. He's a good bloke.


  • Number 6
    Number 6
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  • tornapart

    I was a reg pio. when we had David and Jean Algar. Spent quite a bit of time in the min with her. She was very sweet, very very young back then. Loveliest CO's wife ever.

  • cantleave
    Colin Conradie was actually from Zimbabwe originally. He's a good bloke.

    But boring as drying paint!

    His Brother Steve, was funny, but not deliberately he once had the announcements for the service meeting and talked about "Household Acid Parties" instead of Acid house parties and "The Three Maggies" instead of the 3 magi!!

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    David Carter, wasn't he the Robert Morley type larger than life character who used to have his audience in stitches?

    Robert Morley! Just fits him.

    He used to ask the audience for answers to his questions at Circuit Assemblies. "Just shout out sister"

    Could have made a good living as a comedian.


  • Zico

    I knew Dave and Jean Algar well, I was friends with Jean's niece and nephew, and in her sister's book study group. Jean and her family were indeed wonderful, among the nicest Witnesses I know, and Dave definitely did not commit suicide!

    I also knew Roy Renouf, he originally came from the same congregation as Jean Algar. Last I'd heard Roy's wife was very ill, I'm not sure how she is now? She was very into homeopathy as the cure for her ills. Roy and Jean Algar were also very close with LittleToe's parents and stayed with them many times. Slim, I wonder if that had an influence on Roy's talk?

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my fave was roy renouf - district overseer.

always had time for me and seemed to keep thigs real.. heard that on a zone vist he told the governing body the branch was told old and grumpy or something like that!.

worst was michael purbrick.

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