9/11 Conspiracy nuts...60% of Americans are you KIDDING!!!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    60% of Americans in one servey think the government did it.....even though there is NO sold evidence. Let me spell it out.....a HUGE airplane full of fuel hit the building plowing thru the steel supports, thousands of witnesses, and video fotage, it almost flew through the building with debris blowing out the other side. Although it APPEARS in the footage there is alot of smoke but no fire, right? Inside floor by floor was burning in a HUGE inferno and the REMAINING steel beams gave way. It was nothing like a "controled demolition." Idiots claim the plane fired a missile before hitting blah blah blah.....

    Also Elvis is not retired and living in Hawaii....he died on the toilet.

    Sad reality is J.F.K was shot by a moron loser with a gun....there was no one on the grassy knoll.

  • baltar447

    How does that explain building 7? Jus sayin...

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Building 7 was hit be huge chunks of firey debris in the centre of the building where the main supports are located. When this support gave way the rest of the building collapsed in on itself. Remeber..... the NYFD LET IT BURN all day till 6 PM because of the huge loss of Fireman in the trade centres....comunications failure ment the police and medics got the message to evacuate but firemen did not and MANY stayed inside the towers till collapse. They did not want more loss of life.

    OR........A goverment laser beam was used!

  • leavingwt

    I don't see why this thread cannot reach ten pages by tomorrow.

  • botchtowersociety

    It can, with days' worth of youtube videos from the usual suspects. There will even be some with alien spacecraft.

  • HintOfLime

    Clearly Jehovah "hardened the hearts" of the muslims to do it.

    He can't seem to create any measurable surge in earthquakes, and he really needs this armegeddon shit to go down soon. We're in total "generation overtime" now. The watchtower is falling apart trying to keep his holy word, yo.

    - Lime

  • TOTH

    It was all a plot to kill the gb and remove the haad of the serpent. Or so I hear...

    THAT'S why they hit the pentagon and had hoped to hit either the White House or the Capitol Bldg...LOL

  • NewChapter

    odeargod=====why WHY have you started this thread? They'll be coming out of the walls now. THANKS!

  • badseed

    I'm not biting..lol

    but you sure seem to know a lot about what happened. You friends with George Bush, I mean, that would explain a lot.

  • JeffT

    Daylight savings time is a conspiracy to cover up a failed government attempt at time travel. No I can't provide proof, the government destroyed it all. Which proves the existence of the conspiracy.

  • heathen

    Just do a little research and you'll get why people question the government story . Many are saying that jet fuels and office fires can't melt steel as to make a building fall into it's own foot print near free fall speeds . There's a group of Architechs and Engineers raising most of the questions and challenging the NIST annalysis which if I remember correctly did not say for certain that their conclusions were correct .

  • botchtowersociety
    Many are saying that jet fuels and office fires can't melt steel as to make a building fall into it's own foot print near free fall speeds .

    #1 You don't need to melt steel to make a building fall. You only need to heat it enough. Heat weakens the strength of structural steel. Weaken it enough, and it will fail from the loads of the structure.

    #2 The building did not fall at free fall speed.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I was so happy when all these threads finally died years ago. Please don't ressurect it.

  • heathen

    botchtower - why don't you argue with the pros on that ? I've watched hours of film from the day and don't believe the NIST report is correct . Way tooo many explosions , eye witness accounts of what went on in the basement prior to a plane hitting .... so on and so forth. I just encourage people to take a look at it, not going to argue over it .

  • biometrics

    So 60% of Americans are awake. It'll be a good day when that number is 90% or greater.

  • bigmouth

    Yeah, and what about those moon landings.....?

  • wha happened?
  • undercover

    Well, this American knows no one personally that thinks the government did it. The only 9/11ers I've come in contact with are on this board, which seems to have, unfortunately, an unusually high percentage of conspiracy nuts.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    60% of Americans in one servey think the government did it.....even though there is NO sold evidence.

    And what survey would that be? Source please. I doubt seriously that 60% of Americans believe 9/11 was an inside job. You saw an unreliable poll from a biased sourced and used it as yet another excuse to bash America.

  • Flat_Accent

    I'll refrain from getting into an argument here. The Loose Change/Popular Mechanics video ended the debate for me. And that was 6 years ago.

    But can you post a link for that %age statistic, mr Witness?

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