Elder arrested for stalking

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  • iceguy

    I just read in the police blog that an elder that went to my former cong was arrested for stalking. I knew his family well and he is married to my cousin. This elder and his wife had recently shunned me at the grocery store. Karma can sure be a Bitch sometimes!

  • james_woods

    Please tell us more - who was he stalking? What did the elders in the congregation do about it?

  • iceguy

    I'm trying to find out who he stalked and will update as soon as I found out. I don't go to that hall anymore as I am df'd and will never step foot in a kingdom hall again so i'm not sure what the elders have done about it.

  • lovelylil


    That is sooo funny. lol

    I often said to myself too that the Witnesses in my area who shun ME have some nerve, since I know them and all their little secrets such as alcohol and drug abuse, secret smoking, cheating on spouses among other things. And yet, they shun ME as bad association when I simply decided not to be part of a publishing cult anymore. I think it is laughable that they think they are keeping God's organization clean by throwing apostates out and yet they are FILLED with all kinds of vile deeds.

  • looloo

    i suppose its a case of them thinking they are righteous because nobody knows what they have done ! so long as you keep it hidden what you do wrong you are free to be a good dub judging others !!!

  • iceguy

    lovelylil it is an absolute joke how the JW's sit and judge others. This elders daughter was actually talking crap about me to my girlfriends daughter (non jw)just a few months ago at school. Of course I explained to my girfriends daughter that her friend at school is in a cult and they love to judge others and can't wait for the day when Jehovah will kill 99.9 percent of the people on earth.

  • laverite

    He was probably sitting outside of Coffee House Girl's apartment trying to find some dirt on her to DF her.

  • iceguy

    Laverite It would be kinda funny if he was trying to get some dirt on a JW so they could DF them.

  • iceguy

    He sure did not look too happy in his mug shot!

    I'm trying to find out if I can get a copy of the police report but no luck so far. All I get is what he was arrested for and that he posted a $10,000 bond.

  • kjw53

    looloo- Just as i have stated many times--Its impossible for a mortal man to tell another that he is saved.He has never seen the book of life-he cannot read anothers true heart. So if any religion is doing this thing= they are liars. Anyone who believes a teacher who tells them that they are saved-need their heads examined.

  • wasblind

    kjw53 said "Anyone who believes a teacher who tells them that they are saved-need their heads examined."

    Ephesians 2:8 States: " For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God--"


  • JRK

    It would be so cool if he was spying for the congregation and got busted! The WTS will leave him hanging out to dry.


  • iceguy

    kjw3 the Jw's think they can read peoples hearts and that is why they are so judgemental. I have never in my life been around a group of people more judgemental than them.

    Wasblind thats a great scripture.

  • wasblind

    Thanks Iceguy,

    It's one of those crazy things the Bible teach and people need their head examined for


  • jam

    The most judgemental Elder are the ones that are

    hiding things in the dark, the lowest of all humans, a


  • iceguy

    jam I always felt that way too. I always wondered what the most strict of elders were hiding.

  • jam

    iceguy; Here are A few when I was A elder.

    one had A woman on the side for years, another one was

    abusive too his wife and kids in fact there were several abusive

    elders. Another elder had the eye for young sisters, the brothers

    new about it, and many alcoholic elders. And then there were

    elders who thought they were doing the right thing, many have


  • Glander

    Look for more stalking complaints with the current pioneering campaign. How many times can they work a territory before it turns into harrassment?

  • skeeter1

    I suggest you find out when his arraignment hearing is going to be, and attend it! You can call the Clerk of the Court, and they will tell you when it will be....

  • carla

    Doesn't your state have a Circuit Court Access page? or simple case search? You can find out how his case goes if you don't want to go the court case itself.

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